The New Happy Hour

Meditation seems to be on everyone’s radar these days. Many are talking about the benefits of mindfulness (increased concentration, self-regulating emotions, clearer mind…to name a few) as it relates  to our very busy, digitally-driven lifestyles. 

With the majority of our human interactions happening somewhere in between tinder swipes, google hangouts, Skype, FaceTime calls and group text messages, we crave authentic connections with like-minded people  — and with ourselves.

Just this morning, I went over to my Kundalini friend’s apartment for yogi tea and a 45 minute prosperity meditation just because we wanted to do our meditations together. All the resources are available online but the power of joining forces and creating that bond together is irreplaceable.

Lately, I’ve noticed more and more people opting out of boozy brunches or happy hours, and replacing them with yoga, dance or meditation classes with friends. Some are taking it a bit further by working or hanging out at these spaces even when they are not taking a class. Many, like myself, really appreciate being able to spend time with friends in a mindful environment. 

It’s exciting how many options are available for people who want to hang out after yoga or mediation —  that do not involve a bar! Places like Okreal, The Wing, High Court, One Roof, and New Love City, for example, are offering a relaxing space to work and hang post-workout.

As a community, we also have more access to mindfulness events at places such as Medi Club, The Big Quiet, Maha Rose, Integral Yoga Institute, The Path, MNDFL and The Get Down NYC. I’ve made many close friends  from attending events that these places offer!

Depending on your personal preference, there is something for everyone. You like sound baths? Great, check out MNDFL or Integral Yoga institute. Are you into dancing? Great, try The Get Down! Looking to connect with new people to talk about a similar topics? Check out Medi Club or Okreal’s events.

Do you agree that there is a a movement of mindfulness? Have you had a similar experience with your friends? Share it below.