The New Mom Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is always a special day for the women in your life who have children, but if you know someone who’s celebrating her first Mother’s Day this year, the holiday is going to be extra memorable in 2017. New mom experiences can run the gamut, but regardless of how overwhelming or seamless an entry into parenthood is going, there are a few gifts any new mama is sure to welcome with open arms.

Here are some of our top picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas for first-time moms:


1. Self-care gift certificates.

Hook a new mama up with a massage session (those shoulders get tired from constantly holding a little one!), or gift her with a manicure. (We especially recommend SNS, as it’s a safer option than gel nails and lasts forever. After all, a new mom has no time for nails that chip quickly! These will stand up to countless dishwashing, laundry doing, shower taking, and diaper changing sessions.)


2. A bottle of wine.

She’s able to drink again now these days, after all, so help her raise a glass that comes from a bottle with a clever saying. It will make the vino taste that much better. (Oh, and another bonus? A percentage of sales from Speak Wine’s Mama Collection will go to support two charities that provide help for both children and moms in need: Children’s Hospital L.A. and Alliance of Moms.


3. Comfy attire.

A new mom wants to live in cozy outfits, but the great news is she doesn’t need to sacrifice style to achieve ultimate comfy status. Snag her a pair of Beyond Yoga leggings (be sure they’re high waisted!) in a fun summertime color to keep her fashionably relaxed at all times.


4. Stylish walking shoes.

She’s probably putting some mileage on that stroller (walks are a great way to get out of the house with a new baby), and so some new kicks that are both fashionable and comfortable are sure to be a home run. We suggest the Nike Cortez Moire Sneaker.


5. Meal subscription service.

Sure, she probably had lots of meals dropped by at first, but after a few weeks or months that dinner supply will start to wane. Gift her with a meal subscription service (we recommend Green Chef, which is a quick-prep organic option) that makes mealtime easy, healthy, and convenient.


6. Commemorative jewelry.

There are lots of beautiful options when it comes to jewelry that helps a mom celebrate her child’s birth, so consider gifting her one of these oh-so special pieces to remind her not just of that special day her baby entered the world, but also of her very first Mother’s Day.


7. Amazon gift cards.

No, a gift card isn’t a cop out gift – especially when it’s an Amazon card. She’ll be particularly thankful for this gift during a middle of the night panic order (“We’re out of diapers!”), and you’ll be a hero in a big way.