The Scorpio Full Moon: A Reminder To Love Your Body

As women, we’re gifted with beautiful bodies. However, as an attempt to suppress our magical selves, society tells us otherwise. This messaging can lead to a disconnection from our goddess nature. When we disconnect from this nature, we tend to lack clarity and neglect our power. Luckily, when we tap into the moon cycle we can reconnect and resurrect the latent goddess within. Let’s explore how the full moon in Scorpio can help. 

The full moon is a time of contemplation and manifestation and Scorpio represents awareness, transformation and sacred power. Together, the full moon in Scorpio can help us shed old patterns and a undergo a metamorphosis of our deepest selves. Ding ding ding! Time to let go of the body shaming!

The following is a guide to help you understand how the full moon in Scorpio on May 18th can help you develop greater love for your body.

Before the Full Moon

There are a few steps to help us prepare for the full moon in Scorpio. These steps are simple, but not easy. They are as follows.


Step 1: Intention 

Set the intention that you would like to gain awareness on your own body image beliefs. Regardless of where you are in your journey, it’s a good time to check in. Setting this intention is as simple as stating that you’d like to gain awareness. That’s it. Once you make your intention known to the Universe, and yourself, then awareness will inevitably flow. 


Step 2: Awareness

During this process, it will be important to keep a journal on hand. Pay attention to the messaging you receive in dreams, meditation and random thoughts. The key part of this period is to observe and objectively note what occurs. Write everything down – even if seems small it can help you trace the root of your belief system. 


Step 3: Acceptance 

Sometimes, we tend to feel guilty for patterns, especially when it comes to self-love. So many people fear negative belief systems and neglect them altogether. This is not a way to heal! The truth is that if you’re wounded, then deserve kindness and love – not rejection. The most crucial aspect of this step is accepting your beliefs, where they come from and how they’ve served you thus far. Bring these patterns into the light, acknowledge them and love them. Remember, every part of you is beautiful – not just the sunny parts. 

During the Full Moon 

The following steps are to be performed on May 18th, the day of the full moon.


Step 4: Reflection 

As the Full Moon approaches, you’ll likely have a desire to go inward and feel a heightened emotional emergence. This is good. Try not to push yourself or limit what comes up. Everything is a vital part of healing. Reflect upon what you learned during the first three steps and give yourself space to feel. During this process, it’s helpful to explore the following visualization: 

Visualize the ways your lack of self-love has limited you in your past. How would it have been different if you truly embraced your body? How would you have felt? What type of opportunities would you have had? Moving forward, what decisions will you make if you continue to hold onto to limiting patterns? What if you choose to live without them? How will your life look and how will you feel?

The key here is to sit in the feelings that come up and cradle yourself the way you would a child. Allow yourself to uncover the yucky places of guilt, shame and pain. The truth is, once we recognize how these patterns have ruled our lives, we are more apt to shift them. 


Step 5: Forgiveness

Be kind to yourself! Hold a space of forgiveness for time lost and remember that you’re a human who is here to learn. How lucky are you to have the awareness you have? How beautiful it is to emerge from the cocoon of your sleep? Take a walk, eat yummy food and do something special for yourself. My personal favorite is chocolate paired with a rom com and a lavender Epsom salt bath. Works every time.


Step 6: Ritual

Now, for the fun part. You have two letters to write.

The first letter is one to your fears, insecurities and criticisms. Get your anger out and don’t hold back. No one is going to read this but you and the Universe. In this letter, you can include anyone who has ever insulted you, shamed you or told you that you were less than. Your anger needs somewhere to go. After you put it on paper, burn it. This symbolic gesture and action will help you release negative thoughts and beliefs once and for all. 

The second latter is a love letter addressed to your body. Let your body know how much you appreciate all that it does for you. Note the silly parts of yourself that make you unique, such as that mole on your toe or the crinkle in your nose when you laugh. These parts of you are beautiful, adorable and deserve to be treasured. Put this letter somewhere close so you can read it often – especially if you feel down. 

After the Full Moon

Your work isn’t done. Stay committed to love and acceptance after the full moon with the following steps.


Step 7: Transcendence

You are on a path towards wholeness and remembrance of the goddess within. Celebrate her and get sexy. Do what makes you feel juicy and give your bod what it deserves. I suggest a hip hugging dress and a night out with the girls. 


Step 8: Resurgence 

Now is the time to make changes. I won’t tell you that you will immediately love your body or that this process is easy, but following these transformational steps paired with potent moon energy will catapult you into self-discovery, love and liberation. Craft your daily routine to reflect the love you hold for yourself. Here are some suggestions to get your started: 

Develop body positive affirmations, Make self-care a priority, Connect with nature, Listen to your intuition, Dance more, Masturbate, Go for IT. 

When we work with the moon, we summon the power of our ancestors and make a pledge to embrace the bad ass, sexy and powerful nature that is inherent within us. You got this, goddess.