The Women Behind the Brand

Want to know more about the women who built the Beyond Yoga brand? One of our favorite blogs honoring female entrepreneurs, LTD Daily, recently caught up with BY founders Jodi Guber Brufsky and Michelle Wahler to talk business, workouts and more!


When did you know you wanted to pursue your business or venture? Jodi: I am a renaissance woman of sorts. I have had many careers and had no idea this would be the business I ended up building. That said, the very purpose of my business – the story – was there from the beginning. I always wanted to help people by encouraging them to love themselves and celebrate the now, and that is really what Beyond Yoga is all about for me. So really, I’ve known for many, many years – it just had a long path to its final birth.

Did your original business plan change along the way or are you doing exactly what you set out to do? If it changed, how so? Michelle: It definitely changed. When we first met I had a different dream, and I thought I would help Jodi launch Beyond Yoga while I got my company Unsweetened off the ground. Within a month of working with Jodi, my entire focus shifted. Beyond Yoga became my full-time passion, which it has remained for the last nine years

What makes you different from your competition? Jodi: I started this company before the active wear craze started. I trusted my instinct to launch a company that made clothes for everybody and every body; a line of clothing to take you from work to workout, coffee to cardio and from barre to the bar. But most importantly, my goal was to build a platform to send a message of self-empowerment. While the bottom line is selling yoga pants, that was not what was driving me or inspiring me – it was the desire to be part of changing a conversation. This story is authentic to me and my journey, and that is what makes us different.

Tell us about a time when you thought you should throw in the towel. What kept you going? Michelle: There have been times where building the team has been challenging, or just thinking about everything we need to get done can get a bit overwhelming, but at the end of the day I love what I do and the team we have is amazing. We also have great goals as a company and seeing how we have impacted woman gives me the motivation to keep going during the hard times.

If you could have a one-on-one meeting with any woman, who would it be and why? What’s the first thing you would you ask her? Jodi: That’s a good question, but it’s not the meeting that inspires me. It’s the potential of friendship – I would want to become friends so I could develop a real and genuine relationship with these amazing women and hopefully inspire them to work on something creative together. So that list would include Beyoncé (for an activewear collaboration), Taylor Swift (for a lifestyle collaboration), and Tina Fey or Oprah (for book collaborations).

What three factors have most contributed to your success in business and in life? Michelle: Passion, persistence, and a little bit of crazy.

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