Tips For A Comfy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time, full of anticipation as you await the birth of your little one. Even in the smoothest of pregnancies, though, there will be moments of discomfort as your body grows and changes at an incredibly fast pace to accommodate your developing baby. Especially during the third trimester – as your belly really starts to expand and things like sleep (and even just sitting or standing for long periods of time) can often start to feel uncomfortable. It can be helpful to have a few resources to rely on that can help alleviate some of that discomfort.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to make pregnancy more comfortable.

1. See a chiropractor regularly


Not only can this help with any back or joint pain you may be feeling as a result of pregnancy, it can also help with the alignment of your pelvis as you get closer to your baby’s birth. That can help make the birth experience easier on both you and your baby.



2. Keep on moving


You may have to change things up from an exercise standpoint while you’re pregnant, but the more you can stay active, the better you’ll likely feel. If your go-to workout isn’t feeling quite right at the moment, you might have better luck with something like swimming, yoga or walking.



3. Eat smaller meals, and eat often


You need fuel for your body during pregnancy more than ever, but as your belly grows larger and larger it can feel uncomfortable to add food to the mix. To help combat heartburn and gas pains, try eating smaller meals, but eat often throughout the day. (Don’t forget to drink TONS of water, too!)



4. Use essential oils to help your body relax


Though most experts recommend staying away from essential oils during your first trimester, there are several oils that are perfectly safe to use during your second and third trimester. Some of those oils – such as lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang – can help you relax and get better sleep.



5. Invest in a pregnancy pillow


These full-body pillows are so much easier than trying to position several regular pillows just so each night. They make sleeping far more comfortable and give your belly much-needed support as you rest.



6. Try magnesium for restless legs


It’s not at all uncommon to experience restless legs during pregnancy, which is your body’s way of telling you to get MORE of this essential mineral while you’re pregnant. (During the second trimester, you need more calcium and magnesium as your baby’s skeleton and tooth enamel are forming.) You can get magnesium through foods, but don’t be afraid to supplement with magnesium powders. (Bonus: Magnesium can also help combat another super fun common pregnancy symptom – constipation.) 



7. Get a few maternity pieces for your wardrobe


Not only will having some nice maternity clothing options make you feel better about how you look while pregnant, but having well-fitting clothing also makes you feel physically better. It can be hard to justify a whole new wardrobe while pregnant, but be sure to get a least a handful of pieces to enjoy.