Wellness Minded Bachelorette

Close your eyes and envision a bachelorette party. Chances are you’re picturing a bride-to-be decked out in a sash with a cake shaped like part of male anatomy and surrounded by strippers. Am I close?

The good news is, all brides are not created equal, and so all bachelorette parties need not fit this stereotypical description.

For the wellness-minded brides-to-be, a better celebration might be one that gets the bridal party more centered and less hung over. Here are a few ideas for bachelorette parties that take more of a good-for-you slant. (Any of these can be used to kick off bachelorette events, too, for a well-balanced celebration.)

1. Make it a Pure Barre “Barre-ty.”

For the bride who loves to lift, tone, and burn, schedule a personal workout for the bridal party at her Pure Barre studio, followed by dinner and drinks (since you won’t be crazy sweaty – bonus!).

2. Get flexible.

Grab a yoga mat and a pair of leggings and schedule a yoga class-turned-bachelorette party to keep things nice and Zen during the wedding planning process and/or the wedding week itself.

3. Keep it spinning.

For the SoulCycle or Flywheel aficionado, consider rounding up the bridal party for a sweat session at your local studio. (Snag a “bride” tank for the guest of honor to wear to be sure she stands out!)

4. Hike it out.

What better place for the bridal party to bond than out in the woods? Plan a day hike to get everyone moving and the conversation flowing. (Don’t forget to pack a picnic!)

5. Register for a race.

If there’s a race taking place before the wedding in a convenient location, consider getting the bridal party to all sign up for it together. On race day, you can theme your outfits to make it clear you’re there to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Plus, anticipating the race will give everyone a great fitness goal to work towards.

6. Plan a spa day.

Research a spa near your bride (and/or wedding location) and schedule some major relaxation time for her and the rest of the bridal party.