What I Learned At Yoga Teacher Training

Over the last nine weeks I dove head first into my first ever 200 hour power yoga teacher training with Corepower Yoga. I found yoga at a very transitional time in my life and as a believer in things happening for a reason I knew deep down that teacher training would be something I did eventually. But then the opportunity came knocking way sooner than I thought. I assumed I would definitely need to be an inversion pro before doing a yoga teacher training even though the closest thing to an inversion I had in my practice was feet up the wall pose.

But I dove in anyways not really knowing what to fully expect except that everyone I talked to – and I literally mean everyone – said it’s a life changing experience. Promises of life changing experiences, new friendships, and all the yoga I could imagine had me looking forward to what I was about to experience. Not only did all those amazing things take place for me during the course of the last nine weeks but today I’m excited to share with you three of my favorite things that I learned through yoga teacher training.



1. Growth comes from a place of discomfort


Most of us hate the idea of being uncomfortable or being pushed out of our comfort zones. I know I do. It scares the bejeezus out of me any time I think of pushing myself to that place. But when you find yourself in a state of discomfort it means you are actually working on growing to become and discover your true authentic self. Without discomfort there is no growth and without growth well what is life really? Every single time I drove to class I found myself nervous, a stomach filled with butterflies, not knowing if I would be randomly called upon to cue through a posture I didn’t know or have to open or close out our class by leading the group in three OMs, the unknown is scary. Stepping up to the unknown and looking it straight in the eye and getting through the discomfort means that you are stronger than you’ll ever know. And you are capable of growth and change. Now looking back on the last nine weeks of basically constant discomfort, I’ve come out on the other side, stronger, smarter, more confident, and an overall better version of myself.



2. Take time to connect


I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about two years now and I still felt like I hadn’t made strong connections or friendship. During yoga teacher training all of that changed drastically. How often do you take five minutes to sit knee to knee with someone and just stare into their eyes? How often do you openly talk about your feelings to a group of people without fear or judgement? It was amazing what can happen when you take the time to really connect with other beings and get to know them on a different level. Taking time to check in with ourselves even seems hard some days but that connection you cultivate with yourself and others is so important. I will be implementing more time for personal connection from now on and encourage you to do the same and see how amazing it feels.



3. Never stop learning


If Yoga Teacher Training taught me anything, it taught me that continued education is so important! I think as adults we can get super comfortable with what we already have learned and can often forget to follow our passions and dreams and our search for knowledge sort of drifts away as we age. But it’s so important to continue learning. I went into teacher training just wanting to learn more about the postures, was I even doing them right, and how could I be in the postures better. I wanted to know what was happening in my body when I was in certain postures and so much more. Our love for learning should never stop, find what you’re passionate about or your favorite hobby and vow to learn more about it, whether that’s signing up for a class or sitting down and doing some research on the internet, take that time to learn more about your passions.