Why Do We Rush Though Life?

Have you ever owned a hamster? Have you ever watched it play on it’s teeny, tiny hamster wheel, spinning, and spinning and spinning some more, not going anywhere, and fast.

Take one look at the human race these days, and you may find a sad yet striking resemblance: we are just like hamsters on a wheel.

We rush through our lives, busy, busy, busy, buying, reaching, begging, praying, grabbing at the same things over and over and over again. We have tricked ourselves into believing this fake busyness will bring us happiness, when deep down, we know that it won’t.

Why do we do this? Why do we rush through our lives? And what are we rushing toward?

As we rush to the finish, we have become obsessed with staying, looking and feeling young. It doesn’t make sense. We look at old photos of ourselves and want to turn back the clock, wishing we still had that same youthful glow…and body.

In an attempt to turn back the clock, we have resolved to rush here and there, to make more money, to lose more weight, to gain more power, to achieve more fame, more, more, more!

It’s exhausting!

We need to stop rushing, stop wanting, stop racing, and start being, enjoying, and living in the moment!

Because that photo of yourself from 10 years ago? The one you wish you could go back to now? It may as well have been taken yesterday, because if you’re still rushing through your life today, chances are, you were doing it then. And 10 years from now – from this very moment – you are going to look at a picture of yourself and wish you could go back in time.

Lucky for you, you have now. You don’t need to go back. You are already here.  So stop right now, take account of your fabulous life, and recognize how good your life is… RIGHT NOW!

If you want to stay young, connected and current, there is no better way to achieve that than being present – authentically present. Pay attention. Really experience what you are doing. If you are eating breakfast, stop reading and enjoy your breakfast! Taste your food. Pay attention to each bite. Be present with everything that you do in a day. It’s not easy, but it is the only thing that will truly keep you young.

You’ll thank me later.

You’re welcome.

food for thought,