Winter Escapes

The winter might have been novel a couple of months ago, when it was nearing Christmastime and donning fuzzy socks before snuggling in front of a fire felt cozy and special, but at this point the charm has likely worn off. If you live in a region that gets snowy each winter, by now there are piles of dirty snow in every parking lot and side street, reminding you that we’ve been at this whole cold weather thing for a while now.

But here’s the silver lining: It’s the perfect time of year to escape to a warmer destination. Use this opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and take a few days off after the busy holiday season. (After all, you probably have some new vacation days to use now that it’s a new year! There’s no time like the present.) Oh, and bonus: February is historically a slow travel month, so you’ll likely be able to take advantage of great deals right now.

If you are itching to travel to a warm location, here are five of our top picks (and they’re all domestic):


1. Honolulu, Hawaii

If Hawaii has been on the top of your travel wish list for a while, now’s the time to pull the trigger. Due to February being a slow travel month, it’s hard to find lower hotel prices than right about now. (Do it…!)


2. Orlando, Florida

For the Disney lovers among you, it’s hard to find a better time of year to visit Mickey and company than right about now. Squeeze into that sweet spot between Disney’s busy holiday and spring break seasons, and you’ll enjoy great weather and shorter lines.


3. The Florida Keys

This always-warm paradise is an ideal wintertime escape, complete with sunshine and great water activities like fishing, jet skiing, and snorkeling. Be sure to put Key Largo on your list if you want to experience the only living coral reef off the coast of the mainland United States!


4. Big Bend National Park, Texas

If you’re dying to get back into nature without huddling under five strategic layers of clothing, look into visiting Big Bend National Park, which is right on the U.S./Mexico border. Though temperatures are chilly in the evenings, during the day you can hike to your heart’s content in weather that tends to range from the mid-60s to high-70s.


5. Savannah, Georgia

Okay, so coastal Georgia in February isn’t exactly bathing suit weather, but now is a great time of year to visit this beautifully historic Southern city. You’ll avoid both the crowds and humidity that the summertime brings to this part of the country, and strolling around in 60-degree weather during the day will feel downright balmy if you’re coming from a colder destination!