Wintertime Workout Tips

It’s all too easy to skip a workout once the season shifts from fall to winter. As if the frigid temperatures didn’t take away enough motivation, you have fewer daylight hours to squeeze things in. If you’re anything like me, the combination of cold and dark has the potential to sap your energy in a bad way.

But staying active – despite the chilly weather – is healthy and can help combat wintertime blues, so here are a few tips on ways to keep moving this winter.

Grab a friend.

The buddy system always improves your likelihood to work out, but this time of year it’s even more helpful. If you know your friend is waiting on you outside in the cold, dark morning air, there’s no way you’re going to leave her hanging. Instead, you’ll find the motivation to lace up your running shoes, throw on an extra layer (or three) and conquer your run together.

Keep a workout log.

When you’re facing a workout (especially one in the winter), it’s easy to feel less than energetic about getting moving. But after you’ve completed your workout, chances are you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself. Remind yourself of how great that post-spin class feeling is by jotting down how you feel after exercising, and then reading it before your next activity.

Explore indoor class options.

You might be an outdoor workout girl most of the year, but in order to keep moving this winter it could be worth checking out some indoor options. That could mean taking a hip hop dance class at a dance studio, joining a gym and getting into spinning, joining an indoor soccer league, etc.

Set springtime goals.

Have you been toying with the idea of running your first half-marathon, or completing a triathlon? This winter could be the ideal time to train – especially if you go ahead and sign up for an event that takes place in the springtime, giving you an incentive to train all winter long. After all, you’ve already committed.

Get the right wardrobe.

You’re never going to work out in the wintertime if you don’t have the right clothing for it. Don’t let that be your excuse – instead, buy a few key pieces you can use to keep warm for a variety of exercise types.

Warm up inside.

Get your muscles going while you’re still indoors. This will help the cold sting a bit less when you go outside, and can be a safer way to prepare for a cold weather workout.

Reward yourself.

Have you stayed active despite nature’s attempts to keep you in fuzzy socks on the couch? Treat yourself with a new piece to add to your workout wardrobe, a movie date with a friend or a new bottle of nail polish – whatever keeps you motivated to keep working out!