Work It, Babe

We’re all familiar with the age old “date night” consisting of dinner and a movie. But, why not incorporate something a little more active into your dates? Switch it up for a change and try a physical outing! From taking a class together to going on a hike, here are 5 date ideas that are also workouts:


1. Go on a bike ride

A classic, of course! It’s interesting that we took so much pleasure in going for a bike ride when we were younger, and many of us never get around to it anymore. Why not indulge in this again? It’s so much fun getting outside, smelling the fresh air, and pedaling away. Plus, cycling can be done at so many different levels and in a variety of places; from your neighborhood, to the city, park, beach, or through the mountains.


2. Try indoor rock-climbing

There are many different places to try indoor rock-climbing these days. And, since you are doing it under instruction and supervision, it’s super user-friendly for rookies! Check out Groupon or Living Social to see if there is a special near you. Go ahead, challenge yourself, let loose, and have fun together.


3. Learn a new dance

You can try anything from ballroom to salsa to spice up your date night. Find something that you have always wanted to try, and take a chance. Dancing takes the edge off, and you will have a great time. You can get dance lessons for a deal, and they are almost always available. Not to mention, you might just love it, or use it for a later occasion.


4. Go to a trampoline park

OMG these are so much fun! A trampoline park is a huge space with trampolines where you can jump until you’ve had enough. Everyone loves a trampoline, and you will jump your way into laughter and a good time.


5. Take a hike

Hiking is a wonderful way to bond with someone else, while taking in beautiful views and fresh air. Enjoy talking, spending time with, and getting to know your date, while still being active and getting a great workout.



photo credit: Bonnin Studio