Yoga at Home


Manduka PRO Mat, Meditation Pillow & Equa Towel


Sean Corn


Contact Yoga by Tara Lynda Guber
[endimages]Celebrate National Yoga Month by improving your home practice! Supplementing your study of yoga outside of a classroom setting with the right equipment, videos and books can be very beneficial. And, it’s always a great option when you don’t have the means or time to take a class! These are my tips for getting the most out of home practice. 


  • Yoga Mat: My favorite mat is the Manduka PRO, because it offers the perfect amount of support and cushioning. Since it can be a bit heavy to carry to class, I prefer using it for home practice.
  • Mat Towel: It’s important to stay dry, comfortable and focused with a mat towel. I always use the Manduka Equa Mat Towel to avoid any slipping during practice. And for those who love Bikram, try the hot version for more intensity! 
  • Meditation Pillow: I’ve found that when I sit and meditate, it’s much more comfortable to be at a slight incline. Using a pillow helps take pressure off my back, which allows me to meditate for even longer! My personal fav? The Manduka Meditation Cushion.


  • Sean Corn: Sean is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, whom I personally celebrate and credit for my passion for yoga. Her commitment to social and political change (off the mat and into the world) is deeply touching and inspiring. Download her yoga videos on her website.
  • Ashley Turner: If you’re looking to take both your yoga and personal life and expose it’s truest essence, then Ashley Turner is your yogi. She integrates yoga, psychotherapy and spirituality into her teaching. Since studying extensively with Sean Corne, Ashley has beautifully created her own powerful practice and following. Stream her yoga classes directly or order DVDs on her website.
  • Jesse Schein: I was lucky to meet Jesse Schein a number of years ago when we did our teacher training together at YogaWorks. She eventually went on to do the first ever YogaWorks DVD and has even graced the cover of Yoga Journal. As a teacher, she is honest and real – and, as a yoga teacher myself, I am genuinely impressed. You can view some of her YogaWorks videos online or buy the DVD through her website.
  • Guru Jagat: Although chronologically young, Guru Jagat‘s teachings represent lifetimes of wisdom. Her classes are full of soul and insights that are sure to impact your life.  Don’t judge or be turned off by the turban, it’s only there to harness the energy – she is a chic, rock and roll chick at heart who calls it like she sees it. You can stream her classes live at


  • Contact Yoga by Tara Lynda Guber: This book  is great for working on communication skills because it requires communicating with your partner and it’s also a lot of fun ( I think I spend equal amount of time laughing as I do yoga-ing.)
  • The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V Desikachar: As I ventured on my yoga path, this book became one of my absolute favorites. I consider it a must for all practitioners, students and teachers alike. 
  • Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar: This book is intended for the more serious student of Hatha Yoga. It is both practical and comprehensive, making it one of the best books on yoga.
  • Happy Yoga by Steve RossI love that Steve Ross titled his book Happy Yoga because that’s how I’ve always referred to his yoga class! He breaks down yoga and what it’s about in a very simple, easy to digest way.