Your Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

After a slow-moving month last March with Mercury retrograde through Pisces from March 5th-28th, there is an eagerness to take action on all of our dreamy thoughts and create from a place of clarity! In the first 2 weeks of April, Mercury will be moving through his shadow phase, which means that he’ll be tracing his steps back through the sign of Pisces. This will inspire us to move forward while still being mindful of situations that need to be intuitively thought through.

To kick off the month of April, we have one of the most epic alignments of the year, happening from April 1st-4th: Pluto will exactly conjunct the South Node for the first time in 17 years. This alignment has the power to overturn structures and dismantle operating systems that are a thing of the past. Major endings are likely to ensue, but keep in mind that death leads to rebirth. If you can, make time for releasing pent up stress on April 4th to connect to this culmination.

After the epic Pluto/South Node conjunction perfects, we’ll have the Aries Moon the next day on April 5th. A newfound confidence and inspiration to move forward will sprout up following this New Moon. Opportunities to express your creativity and experience pleasure will show up when you choose to surrender the weight of the past. Follow the signs and trust that the foundation of your life is shifting for the better!

The most giant planet in our solar system, Jupiter, will begin his retrograde cycle on April 10th, which will last until August 10th. When Jupiter is retrograde, we tend to have more difficulty recognizing our limits. Lessons around risk-taking will pop up during this time, which will help rework your connection to abundance.

Mercury will complete his shadow phase on April 16th when he comes to the 29° of Pisces. The very next day, on April 17th, Mercury will enter the sign of Aries. While Mercury’s in this sign from April 17-May 6, be sure to move your body and initiate meaningful projects to fan out your firey thoughts in a healthy way.

By the Libra Moon Full on April 19th, we’ll have connected with many new inspiring people and places with Mars being in Gemini since the start of the month. Mercury in Aries will be conjunct Chiron, which will give us the ability to understand how our fear of taking action has been slowing us down. This Full Moon at the  29° of Libra will challenge you to approach your relationships with mastery and maturity. 

The Sun will enter the sign of Taurus on April 20th and move us into a more grounding and stabilizing vibration. Quick and passionate pleasure will be something we seek, especially since Venus moves into the sign of Aries on the same day!

The end of the month closes out with Pluto turning retrograde on April 24th and Saturn also turning retrograde on April 29th. From these long retrograde transits we can except slow structural changes to systems that need reworking. The last big bang of energy we’ll find ourselves working through is Saturn conjunct the South Node on April 30th. Shifts in our understanding of time and karma will occur as we deeply connect to the reality of our fate.


March 21 to April 19

When Mercury moves into your sign on April 17th, you may notice people coming to you for all sorts of answers. This month, take your time processing the weight of the past, for how you make sense of things has the potential to deeply impact your career and reputation in the social circles you care most about. Keep in mind that it’s more important to stay true to you then to keep yourself confined to someone else’s vision of who you “should” be. This month is about cleaning up your public persona and how you relate to the people closest to you in your life.


April 20 to May 20

Very old subconscious weight from the past will be coming to up to be purged this month, Taurus. Use meditation as a tool to help you restore your ability to communicate what you need and desire assertively. What you choose to put your energy into this month will ultimately help shape your day-to-day routine and the status of your overall health. You may feel yourself moving through radical changes in your identity. Trust that it’s okay to retreat if you need. When the Sun moves into your sign on April 20th your creativity will blossom and you’ll have less fear around letting go.


May 21 to June 20

You’re likely to find yourself widening your social circle this month, Gemini, especially if you are willing to trust in your instincts on where to get the conversation started. Things you once thought of as taboo will likely be favored and possibly used as a point of power for you in April. You’ll have the energy to express yourself and be seen. Your intuition will be guiding you back to what makes you feel childlike and happy over the coming weeks. Watch for the tendency to feel ashamed of your past and your current status. Embrace who you are and remember that life is an ongoing art project.


June 21 to July 22

Big changes in the realm of relationships are expected for you this month, Cancer! Toxic ways of relating to others have the chance to recognized and healed. The power to do this lies in your willingness to hold yourself to a high standard in your relationships. You’ll likely be working closely with authorities or people you admire this month to get important work done that will strongly impact your career and home life. In the process, be sure to establish healthy boundaries to protect your time for your leisure, pleasure and self-care.


July 23 to August 22

Your schedule is likely to undergo major changes this month, Leo, that could impact your workflow for years to come. Any unhealthy habits that affect your ability to perform at the highest level will likely fall away this month. You’ll need to find the courage within you to establish a new routine with confidence and faith that it will serve you well in the long run. This month, you’ll start to have a clearer picture of new core beliefs that you want to uphold. Restore your faith in yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone, learning from others and expanding your social circles.


August 23 to September 22

Alchemy is the name of the game for you this month, Virgo. There are many talents and skills you hide from others that have the potential to be capitalized on this month. Own your worth to receive an inflow of abundance opening up for you. This will allow you to experience more joy and playfulness, which is something you have been feeling restricted around lately. You’ll begin to feel more clarity and peace in your relationships as you focus on your career and working with your shadow side this month.


September 23 to October 22

The spotlight will be on you by the Libra Full Moon, dear Libra, so pay attention to how you are choosing to relate to others in your life. New, inspiring people may enter your life and help you make sense of things this month. Deep healing around communicating with those closest to you is likely to come up. It may be beneficial for you to set aside time this month to rest and restore your energy. Being at home or in a familiar, relaxing environment will help you to be more productive in your work and to remain in touch with the power of your emotions.


October 23 to November 21

Some information you’ve been withholding is likely to be released this month. You may feel the need to let go of unnecessary restriction and pressure in your life by embracing what you know and sharing it with others. After a month of rethinking what makes you happy, you’ll be moving forward with the confidence to change up your routine. Be patient with yourself as you figure out the best way to systematize things and welcome the radical changes in relationship dynamics that will spring up this month.


November 22 to December 21

Old limiting beliefs around your worth are likely to start to shed away this month. Put your faith in the process of transformation and it will bring you the comfort and stability you dream of. Passionate business or close personal relationships have the potential to bring you great joy or frustration this month. A big perspective shift around your day to day lifestyle is awaiting you by the end of April. You’ll likely reconnect with the importance of caring for yourself and your needs as part of your daily routine.


December 22 to January 19

Your overall approach to life, your appearance, and your confidence in yourself are all going through a major, unforgettable change this month, Capricorn. You must be willing to unshackle yourself from restrictive and unhealthy patterns of the past to awakening yourself to the new person you are trying to become. You see great potential in others and your work ethic is on point, but are you willing to more fully embody the greatness you are striving to become? Purge anything that is stopping you from fully being seen and supported by the universe. Use movement, writing or even changing up your wardrobe to empower yourself to the next level this month.


January 20 to February 18

Subconscious distractions need to be caught and cut down this month, my fellow Aquarians. It’s very easy to self-sabotage your own vision when you are stuck in a loop of the past. Focus your attention on your routine, on your purpose, on your reason for serving the world to steer yourself clear of unnecessary suffering and confinement. What you know is likely to be illuminated this month, so embrace your personal philosophy and let it holistically connect to the flow of energy in and out of your life.


February 19 to March 20

With this year’s Mercury retrograde in Pisces under your belt, you are feeling cleansed and more clear about who you are. Focus on deepening this love for yourself on all levels this month. A community that you were once a part of may no longer feel worth your while. It’s okay to restructure things in a way that will better meet your needs or to separate yourself from situations that aren’t really uplifting you anymore. Either way, this month is about being honest with yourself about what makes you happy, rather than favoring the opinion of others.

photo credit: Rowan Chestnut