Your Monthly Horoscope: August 2019

As fall inches closer, we prepare for change in the months ahead. Protection, comfort, balance and preservation are all themes of this upcoming season, and astrology helps us align with this energetic shift. Although the autumnal equinox does not occur until September, it’s beneficial to understand and work with the flow of this energy in advance, be mindful, and tune into the transitional phases of the seasons with understanding. Throughout the month of August, there will be a solidification of our values and a desire to communicate them authentically. This need follows a shift in our internal sense of self, as well as overall life circumstances.

Navigate to your Zodiac sign below in order to better understand how the astrological events will affect you this month.



July 23 to August 22

Leo, this month brings awareness to how your childhood foundations are impacting you as an adult. The way our family supported our evolution as children sets the tone for our level of security as adults. This creates a sense of stability, which helps guide us when we feel insecure. That being said, there’s a level of support that we must foster within ourselves and a support system we must build outside of our family. What would you like to change about your internal wiring? Throughout the month, pay close attention to how your actions are rooted in early foundations and whether or not you need to establish new patterns or support systems.



August 23 to September 22

You may experience a shift in your current living situation this month, Virgo. This could occur through a move to a different location, a local adventure or a change in your neighbors. Although these shifts may seem unimportant, pay attention to the ways slight energy shifts. Even the smallest change can have an energetic impact. Developing this type of mindfulness will help you track your internal growth, which is a vital part of your evolutionary journey. The more in touch you are with this process, the more you can take advantage of the benefits of acute energetic connection.



September 23 to October 22

If you’ve experienced difficulty in pursuing your goals, Libra, then this is a good month to assess your current confidence levels. Is there a part of you that fears failure and, as a result, refuses to try? Even those of us who have immense confidence can feel self-conscious from time-to-time, and that’s part of being human. The important thing is not to allow those feelings to rule your actions. Pay attention to the situations you find yourself in throughout the month and correct negative internal dialogue. How you speak to yourself is an indication of your level of self-acceptance. Be sure to treat yourself with the love and care you deserve.



October 23 to November 21

Scorpio, you have a strong ability to help others with their budgets, but you be may neglecting your own financial health. It’s often easier to give advice than it is to take your own. Therefore, throughout the month of August, it will be important to reflect upon your spending habits. Take an inventory of your budget and decide which actions should be taken. Once you are able to “trim the fat” you will find that you have much more financial abundance than you previously thought. Just think about how much you could do with extra cash every month!



November 22 to December 21

You have an abundance of leadership energy available this month, Sag. Others will gladly follow your lead, so long as you have admirable intentions. If you play your cards right, people will come to you for advice and support your ideas. However, you must be careful to ensure that you are pure in your desires. If you attempt to lead with selfishness, then you might discover that the leadership role is arduous. Be conscious in your decisions and delicate with the power you yield over others.



December 22 to January 19

Pay attention to difficult situations throughout the month and recognize how they may trigger latent emotional baggage, Capricorn. Once you explore these unconscious tendencies, you may discover that these patterns rule some of your behavior. During this process, the main theme is likely regarding the disbarment of the belief that suffering and success are one and the same. If you find this to be true, then it’s important to shift your belief so you can achieve your goals fully. In order to rewire your brain, you must accept the idea that happiness is a basic part of life. You don’t have to suffer.



January 20 to February 18

You are likely to gain the support of individuals who believe in your long-term goals, Aquarius. These are supporters who see your vision and wholeheartedly wish to help. In order to make use of their support, you must develop a clear path. Be sure to speak with precision and create a deliberate goal in order to gain help from others. Trust that you have the capacity to receive the assistance you need in order to actualize your goals. Remember, no (wo)man is an island and this will be an important mantra for you throughout the month. Asking for help is the strongest thing you can do.



February 19 to March 20

Recent changes may have caused you to shift the way you customarily approach your career goals, Pisces. Utilize this month to reassess your plan of action and make necessary tweaks. Hitting a brick wall in your progress is a good indicator that you need to shake things up. Remember, a change does not mean a complete overhaul. It could be as simple as redesigning a business card or taking on additional responsibility. Think about your process closely and move forward from there.



March 21 to April 19

External events could prompt you to analyze and shift your belief system this month, Aries. This period is the result of a culmination of lessons you have learned throughout previous months. You may find yourself rejecting a status quo that you used to accept or recognizing that your current modus operandi no longer supports your internal growth. Pay attention to your belief systems. Have you outgrown certain philosophies? If so, devise a plan to rid yourself of these beliefs and take greater control of your conscious reality.


April 20 to May 20

This month provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon your current relationships, Taurus. Pay attention to your connections with coworkers, friends, romantic partners and acquaintances. How can you show up differently? External events may prompt you to develop more flexibility in a specific situation. Although your instinctual reaction is to dig your heels in, try to remember that things aren’t exactly how they might appear. Through this process, it will help to learn the art of compromise.


May 21 to June 20

Conflict resolution will likely be in the forefront this month as the disharmony in your current relationships begins to waver, Gemini. The emphasis is on creating more balanced connections with those around you. If you find yourself having difficult interactions, then it’s important to look at your role in these experiences. Be objective about how you can ensure that interactions go smoothly. Ask yourself why you have had difficulty in this realm and commit to a more efficient approach. Once you do this, you can begin to foster the types of relationships that you’ve always longed for.



June 21 to July 22

You will have an opportunity to alter your approach to health and wellness this month, Cancer. Take an inventory of your routine in order to discover any potential imbalances in your day-to-day functioning. If you find that your routine doesn’t mesh with your long-term goals, then it’s time to reevaluate how you’re living your life. In order to truly create the type of life you desire, you will need to take the steps necessary to do so. How can you show up differently? What would your ideal day look like?