Your Monthly Horoscope: July 2019

In July 2019, a new structure is being born as we intuitively design a future that honors our fluid nature and truest expression of joy. This month there will be some heavy emotional weight to process, as well as the lightheartedness that comes from doing that deep work. 

On July 1st, Mars will move into the sign of Leo, which will rev up our desire for fun and going after our creative pursuits. The very next day, on July 2nd at 3:16 PM ET, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse, meaning the Moon will temporarily block out the light of the Sun, in the sign of Cancer. Eclipses are very potent alignments that open up channels for releasing and receiving. They create extremely sensitive windows of time and inevitable change on a massive scale. So get ready to experience a supercharged New Moon on July 2nd

On July 3rd, Venus will move into Cancer and head towards her conjunction with the North Node and opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which will occur from July 16th til July 23rd. During this window, relationships and money matters may need to be seriously considered. Compassion will be needed, especially in situations where separation or space for healing seems to be the only way to resolve the tension you may be feeling. Creating solid plans for personal projects may prove to be very useful during this time.

Mercury will begin his retrograde motion in Leo on July 7th while exactly conjunct Mars, the planet of ambition, aggression, and desire. The fusing of these two energies may create the feeling of needing to communicate things with urgency, but when Mercury is retrograde, patience is needed for the mental and physical rearranging naturally stirring within and around us. Thinking outside of the box and creating space to illuminate patterns that are blocking your efficiency will be needed through Mercury’s retrograde. 

On July 16th, the second eclipse will arrive with the Full Moon in Capricorn at 5:38 PM ET. This Partial Lunar Eclipse will give us a Blood Moon and will push the envelope in regards to our relationships, the future, and our willingness to transform our structures for the better. 

Mercury retrograde will enter the heart of the Sun in Cancer on July 21st, bringing the lessons of this retrograde to a peak. The Sun will enter Leo the next day and Venus will follow suit on July 27th. Venus’ closeness to the Sun will pump love into our relationships and faith in our hearts. With the Sun at home in Leo building in a trine to Jupiter at home in Sagittarius as well, summer will be in full effect and we’ll see the silver lining.

On July 31st, we’ll have the second New Moon of the month at 11:12 PM ET in the sign of Leo. This particular New Moon will be less intense than the first and will help us gain traction with the lessons learned from eclipse season. 

The horoscopes below will give you a general overview of how to navigate this month based on your Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign. 


June 21 to July 22

Dear Cancer, you hold wisdom for others that may be sought out this month in a major way. Staying true to the loving, caring, and sensitive being that you are will be vital to your health and sense of self. Take your relationship with yourself and others seriously to gain clarity in your values this month. It’s okay to cut back on commitments that are depleting you. This will help you master what is it you really enjoy doing.


July 23 to August 22

Unconscious patterns are going to be illuminated for you this month, Leo. Solitude may be needed to help you adapt to the changes happening in your daily routine at the start of the month. Once the Sun shifts into your sign on July 22nd, the spotlight will be on you to lead the way in regards to self-love and pursuing your personal passions without fear. Clearly communicating your vision will become easier in August, so be patient with yourself as you explore new ways of connecting the dots.


August 23 to September 22

Starting this month, the communities you choose to serve are likely to shift and expand over the next year, Virgo. In planting seeds that bring you more pleasure, you may need to release inauthentic habits of self-expression and cut back on creative projects that have become strenuous. Exploring alternative kinds of expression like journaling or making art can help you attract new kinds of people into your life and career sphere for the better.


September 23 to October 22

Big career opportunities are starting to emerge this month for you, dear Libra. How you carry yourself and care for your health will translate directly to what you are known for. You may find yourself connecting with lots of like-minded people and being a leader of some kind within your community. Make balancing your work and home life a top priority this month to gracefully manage the high demand you and your skills will be in.


October 23 to November 21

The bigger picture will become important for you to hone in on this month, Scorpio. The beliefs that guide your mission will start to take on a new form and ultimately help you find more structure in your communications and the rituals you choose to partake in. You may be inspired to travel or to dive deeper into your studies in some way. Focus on refining your philosophy and getting comfortable with information beyond your scope of practice. This will help you advance in your career, making time for leisure more accessible.


November 22 to December 21

New resources can flow to you this month, Sag. Open up to receiving these gifts and you’ll start to find strength and comfort in the things you once considered taboo. Focus on redefining what it is that you truly value and cleansing your mind of beliefs that limit your self-expression. You may gain clarity through travel or advancing in your studies in some way. Business and romantic partners can be a source of inspiration and joy for the month ahead.


December 22 to January 19

How you relate to others will shift greatly this month, Capricorn. New beginnings in your romantic or business relationships can open up for you if you can allow yourself to trust in the universe on another level. Other people’s thoughts and agendas may influence the way in which you choose to present yourself outwardly to the world. Remember that you are the ultimate designer of the person you choose to be in this life. Remove self-sabotaging habits this month to restore your health and overall vitality.


January 20 to February 18

How you navigate your daily routine and professional obligations will shift in a major way this month, Aquarius. The spaciousness in your work that you crave can be experienced once you choose to confidently speak your truth in your relationships. The structure of things going on behind the scenes needs to change so that you have more time for solitude and introspection. Embrace your values and watch your work become increasingly satisfying this month and beyond.



February 19 to March 20

Call in more of what brings you pleasure this month, dear Pisces, because the way you relate to your social network and support system is changing. Old connections are being shed so new or more long-lasting connections can shine through. You may find yourself committing to new creative projects that require some risk, so focus on generating outcomes that are worth your while. Deepen your understanding of what it is you really want to draw more of into your life. Flexibility in working with others when painting this perfect picture will make the creation process more enjoyable.


March 21 to April 19

Explore the idea of being comforted in new ways, Aries. You may be searching for a new living situation or feel motivated to refresh things at home this month. Creating sacred space that helps you feel grounded where you rest and work can help you gain clarity in regards to your career. Memories from your childhood may come up that help you recognize how you can better care for yourself. A structured vision of your future career may come through powerfully by the end of this month.


April 20 to May 20

How you communicate and make the most of your local environment will be a big focus for you this month, dear Taurus. Your philosophical approach to things will directly translate to the kinds of opportunities that you take advantage of. Establishing new rituals and choosing to express yourself in a whole new way can help to deepen your spiritual practice and connection the global consciousness. Value your own unique perspective and you may find yourself being greatly rewarded.


May 21 to June 20

You are being invited to deepen your self-love practice this month, dear Gemini. The tendency to obsess over other people’s opinions can mindfully be released now. Your unique perspective is valuable and worthy of embracing. The way you choose to share your authentic truth has karmic consequences, so keep this in mind as you reconsider what you value and how you communicate this in the world.

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