Your Monthly Horoscope: June 2019

This month brings the courage to take better care of ourselves, our family, and society as a whole. For many, self-care will not just be thought of as a luxury but as a priority for the sake of our longevity and overall impact. The alignments happening this month are preparing us to embrace the breakthroughs and lessons that await us next month when we enter eclipse season.

An eclipse occurs when the New Moon or Full Moon aligns with the Nodes of the Moon. The North and South are invisible points that mark the intersection of the Sun’s path along the Earth’s ecliptic and the Moon’s orbit around Earth. Society’s evolution is thought to be deeply connected to the planetary aspects happening to these Nodes. The sign of the North Node and its themes are a critical point of focus for the collective to embrace, strive for and integrate. The sign of the South Node and its themes, on the other hand, are a central point of releasing and collective cleansing.

This June, Mars and Mercury will both pass through the North Node of the Moon in Cancer and oppose Saturn Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde who are conjunct (very near) to the exact degree of the South Node in Capricorn. Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and outward expression will be in the sign of Cancer all month, making us more connected to our emotions, our family obligations, and the importance of loving-kindness. Mars will conjunct the North Node in Cancer exactly on June 11th and 12th. During this time, especially, you may find yourself gaining your internal strength through your emotional awareness.From June 4th to the 26th, Mercury will also be in Cancer, which will help us genuinely nurture ourselves and others. On June 15th, Mercury will exactly conjunct the North Node bringing focus to our communications, travel arrangements, and contracts. Clarity on your purpose and how to communicate that will likely come through strongly on this day.

On June 21st, the Sun will enter Cancer and begin to close in on its journey towards the North Node and the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer which will happen next month on July 2nd. Intense feelings of anger, guilt, or sadness may come up with all the energy building in the emotional sign of Cancer this month, so embracing all of the emotions that come up will be key. Immense healing can occur when we welcome the power of the divine feminine. This month will bring big lessons of loving yourself and others unconditionally. Other major highlights of this month include the New Moon at the 12° of Gemini on June 3rd, Venus entering Gemini on June 8th, the Full Moon at the 25° of Sagittarius on June 17th, and Mercury moving into Leo on June 26th.

The Gemini New Moon on June 3rd will serve as an opportunity for us to renew our intentions around setting social standards that align with our higher ideals. This New Moon will oppose Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius, bringing a strong sense of optimism. It will be important, however, to make commitments in moderation, so as to not overload yourself. Venus in Taurus will trine to Pluto in Capricorn on this day and assist us in making meaningful adjustments in our relationships and projects. Venus’ shift from Taurus to Gemini on June 8th will direct our focus in relationships from peaceful and practical to stimulating and playful.

On the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17th, we will see the outcome of our own willingness to believe in ourselves and our journey throughout the month of June. The Moon will be conjunct Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, while opposite the Sun in Gemini. By this point, Mercury and Mars will also be conjunct the North Node in Cancer (as mentioned above) opposing Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn. This Full Moon will illuminate the bigger picture and encourage us to take responsibility for our world view as well as our ability to adapt, even in highly emotional situations. Saturn and Neptune will be in a strong sextile with one another opening us up to ways of creating structural change on a massive scale. Mercury’s move into Leo on June 26th will inspire us to seek out information that heals our heart. It will restore our sense of pride in what we know and how we share it with others.

The horoscopes below will give you a general overview of how to navigate this month based on your Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign. You can learn more about the aspects playing out day by day in June by listening to my daily horoscope podcast, Starry Alignment, on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor, and by following @starryalignment on Instagram. Enjoy!



May 21 to June 20

You have the chance to redefine how you want others to see you this month, Gemini. With a New Moon in your sign and your ruler, Mercury, in your first house, changing up how you communicate your perspective and style will be a focus for you. When Venus enters your sign on June 8th, you may feel a boost in your self-confidence, which can bring a sense of sweetness to your most intimate relationships. Getting clear on what you value and how that contributes to your sense of abundance will be of utmost importance this month.


June 21 to July 22

You may be sensitive, Cancer, but this is a gift the world needs. This month you’re likely to feel invigorated in regards to your empathic gifts and inspired to put them to good use. Connecting to universal consciousness through meditation and visualization techniques can help you overcome anxiety in regards to your work and improve your overall health. A breakthrough in regards to your day to day routine is to be expected so be sure you’re giving your energy to causes you take pride in serving.



July 23 to August 22

This month you’ll find yourself being inspired and supported by a community, dear Leo. Whether a community you are already a part of expands or you are welcomed into a new group, these new connections will help you establish a deeper connection with your purpose and heal what causes you suffering. Trust in your intuition and allow yourself to celebrate by living out your desires as a form of therapeutic self-expression. Risks you’ve been waiting to take may feel less intimidating near the end of the month.


August 23 to September 22

The philosophical awakening you’ve been moving through will spill into your career this month, Virgo. Share your ideas in regards to sustainability and community in your social sphere at work and people will appreciate it more than you know. Realizations about ways you can feel more rooted in your private life are likely to come through towards the end of the month. Spend your downtime intentionally and it will positively impact your work. Family and community can be two primary sources of healing for you this month.


September 23 to October 22

What you believe about the world is likely to undergo a big shift this month, Libra. This will directly impact your career in the months to come. How you relate to different cultures and formulate your bigger picture in life will be influenced by all the information you’re going to be acquiring this month through your studies and personal interactions. Parse out what is most valuable to you and you will be able to make leaps and bounds this summer. Place your focus on communicating with the right people and you’ll attract more benefactors and friends that support you and your cause.


October 23 to November 21

Your fearlessness will be your greatest strength this month, dear Scorpio, for the things that bring you anxiety can be faced with grace this month. Learning to respect other people’s values can actually put you in a position of power and can even result in receiving more than you thought was possible in exchange. Your philosophy on life is likely to be stimulated in a major way, shifting your world view and how you choose to communicate with others in your local environment. Your business and romantic partners will be especially attracted to you and your willingness to thread forward into the unknown with confidence.


November 22 to December 21

New business contacts and romantic relationships have the potential to open up for you this month, dear Sag. With the Full Moon in your sign near the end of the month, and with Jupiter in your sign as well, people are likely to notice your talent and want to support you in sharing more of it with the world. Important contracts may be established or solidified this month, so be sure to read the fine print and collaborate with those that give you good vibes only. Remain flexible and emotionally adaptable to make the most of the connections and resources flowing your way.


December 22 to January 19

This month you’re likely to feel much more empowered and committed to people in your closest circle, Capricorn. Relationships and establishing fertile ground for them will be a focal point for you this month. You’ll benefit greatly from making time to meditate and be alone in solitude to heal your subconscious thoughts and gain control over your impulses. Your work routine is bound to go through some sort of transformation this month; adapt as needed by making time to enjoy your favorite things in life to fortify your health.


January 20 to February 18

This month is about reclaiming your deepest desires, dear Aquarius. You’re likely to develop a new approach to your creative projects that helps you find a lot more joy in your work. Cultivating a productive daily routine that ultimately keeps you happy and healthy will be central to your motivation. Pleasant surprises in your home environment may come about this month that stem from your willingness to dream big and network with like-minded people.


February 19 to March 20

Major shifts in your home and professional spheres are likely to unfold this month, Pisces. You’ll likely be exploring ways that you can become more grounded at home so that you can shine brighter in the public eye. How you care for yourself and make the most of your living environment will be put into perspective for you, which will help create new standards that better support you overall. Doing things that bring you pleasure and allow you to feel playful can be extremely liberating and rewarding. Spiritually centered community gatherings can bring you great comfort this month.


March 21 to April 19

New opportunities are likely to stem from your local environment this month, Aries. It’s likely that you’ll be learning something new that can ultimately help you feel more grounded and at home in the world. Let your private life take center stage this month as you explore the connection between self-care and your career. Taking time to be alone and even travel to distant or foreign places can serve as a means of spiritual enlightenment.



April 20 to May 20

With Venus in your sign at the start of the month, Taurus, it’s likely that you’ll attract people and projects in your life that resonate in a really positive way. New beginnings that spring up for you this month have the potential to increase your finances. Other people may be willing to support you and your endeavors so allow yourself to receive any abundance that is flowing your way. It will serve you to get clear on what you value and why. In the process, you will make fated connections that can help you reach your goals.