10 Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender truly is the angel among essential oils and, without a doubt, the most versatile oil. It has been used for thousand of years for its calming, healing, and restorative properties. And, most importantly, it is very balancing for body, mind, emotions and spirit. Below are 10 benefits of using lavender essential oil.

1. It can heal your skin.

The pain-reducing and antiseptic properties of lavender oil help to heal burns, scrapes, cuts, and injuries of the skin. When applied promptly, it prevents scarring and supports rapid healing. To apply directly dilute 6 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. of carrier oil (e.g. Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil). For a compress, add 24 drops of essential oils to 4 oz. of water, soak a cloth in the blend, wring it out and place on affected area.

2. It can decongest a stuffy nose.

Lavender is the only essential oil that can be applied neat (without dilution) for specific conditions. To clear your nose, place 1-2 drops lavender oil on both sides of your nostrils and along the bony ridges of your eyebrows. Apply light pressure to combine aromatherapy with acupressure for the ultimate healing effect.

3. It can relieve headaches.

Gently massage a drop of lavender into your temples. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and let the discomfort dissipate. You may also consider placing a cold compress on the back of your neck or your forehead.

4. It can reduce muscular pain.

If available, find someone to massage the oils (dilution ratio see “heal you skin”) into your aching muscles. If you have Rosemary or Marjoram oils available, add them to the blend to enhance the properties of lavender to soothe your muscles. You may also consider soaking in an aromatic bath (5-10 drops lavender oil to tub of water) to melt your muscle tension away.

5. It can reduce menstrual pain.

Lavender oil can help reduce menstrual pain. To calm down menstrual cramps, gently massage your belly in a clockwise direction (dilute 6 drops of essential oil to 1 oz. of carrier oil).

6. It keeps bugs away.

Repel moths, and other insects by placing lavender infused cloths or tissues in your closet. Lavender sachets of dried flowers plus extra essential oils also do a great job in keeping your clothes smelling delightful and in keeping the bugs away.

7. It balances your emotions.

Balance your mood, encourage acceptance and compassion, ease depression and anxiety by asking someone to massage a blend of lavender oil (dilution ratio see “heal your skin”) along either side of your spine, around your shoulders and neck – or take an aromatic lavender bath (5-10 drops lavender oil to tub of water). Both physical touch and the therapeutic effects of water will enhance the soothing as well as comforting benefits of lavender essential oil.

8. It helps with insomnia.

Place a few drops of pure lavender oil on your pillowcase, a tissue or rub a drop of lavender oil into your temples. An aromatic bath also offers great support (see “balance your emotions”).

9. It helps support labor.

To speed up labor, lavender essential oil can be diluted and rubbed into the lower back area of the expectant mom to strengthen contractions and reduce pain. The physical touch, in addition to the oil properties, offer assurance and relaxation.

10. It can calm your baby, child and dog.

Help your baby or child sleep like an angel by adding a tablespoon of Sweet Almond oil and 1 drop of lavender oil to his or her bath water – or place 1-2 drops of lavender oil on their pajamas. To calm your dog, place a drop of lavender essential oil in their bath water, gently massage it into their neck, or on their doggy bed.