10 Things You Must Do Today

Here are 10 things you should try to do today and every day (ideally)!

1. BE KIND – to yourself and to others, in word, thought and action. Pay special attention to how you speak to yourself.

2. BE MODERATE– Nothing extreme can last. And moderation will always make you feel better and more in balance.

3. DRINK WATER & GET MOVIN’ – There is nothing more important than staying hydrated and moving your body. It keeps you healthy and youthful – inside & out!

4. EAT ORGANIC – whenever possible. But don’t stress out if it isn’t. The stress will get you before anything else does!

5. CELEBRATE YOURSELF – If you don’t then why would anybody else?

6. BE AUTHENTIC– Being your truest self will always attract the most of what you want in your life.

7. HAVE INTEGRITY – You are as good as your word, deed and actions.

8. SMILE – It’s hard to be down while smiling – and if you turn it into a laugh – laughter is the best medicine!

9. GIVE SOMEONE A COMPLIMENT – what you give out you get back! And you make someone’s day while you’re at it!

10. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY – This is not the easiest thing to do but it is the healthiest!

food for thought,