2 Mistakes To Avoid This NYE

Ringing in the new year with friends and family can start 2018 off on a positive, joyful note. However, New Year’s Eve can be the source of stress for many. Why?

According to Vogue Magazine, “For starters, whether you have a fear of missing out or a concern that you won’t have anywhere interesting to go, just making plans can be anxiety-producing. And for those hosting an event themselves, the stakes are high. But the stress isn’t limited to where exactly you’ll be at midnight. Oftentimes, the looming deadline of a new year gets people down.”

Last year, Vogue asked two expert event planners, and our resident psychologist Dr. Samantha Boardman, to weigh in on what they each believe is the number one New Year’s Eve mistake.

Here’s what they said:

1. The Host Mistake: Only Serving Champagne

Bryan Keck and Alison Laesser-Keck, the husband and wife team behind VLD Events said, “first of all, not everyone likes Champagne, and if you want people to have fun you really need to pay attention to your audience.

If you’re sold on sparkling though, try to somehow incorporate a twist. This could be a bubbly bar with different choices, like Bourbon and Bubbles or French 75s. Or, create a beverage menu that matches the setting. Pinot noir from local purveyors in Santa Barbara, Sazeracs in New Orleans, Manhattans in New York, et cetera.”

2. The Guest Mistake: Assuming You Have To Party

Our lovely contributor, Dr. Samantha Boardman believes this kind of narrow-minded thinking is a huge mistake. She asks,“Why not rid yourself of the indecision leading up to New Year’s by committing to something that doesn’t require huge amounts of money, massive crowds, or a debilitating hangover?

Consider making a plan to do something totally different this year—cook dinner for a few people at home, have a pajama party, or reconnect with an old friend. Imagine how nice it will be to wake up on New Year’s Day feeling refreshed, and not like you have been run over by a truck.

For more, read the full article on Vogue.com.