5 Step Spring Cleansing Ritual

Spring has sprung—and the expansive energy of this new season brings with it a surge of new possibilities and excitement; it’s a powerful time for new beginnings, ideas, and intentions. The increasing warmth, sunlight and fresh spring air invites us to clear out any residual stagnant winter energies, inspiring new perspectives and ideas.

Many of us have the urge to clean and declutter our homes for this new season. For an extra sense of renewal, I recommend adding the following 5 step cleansing & smudging ritual to your spring cleaning routine.

You will need:

a few pieces of paper

a pen or pencil

a stick of Palo Santo

a stick of dried Cedar or Lavender

a lighter or match

Step 1: Set Your Intentions

Spring holds the energies of rebirth and new beginnings. Take some time to reflect on what you wish to release and what you would like to draw in.

Write everything what you wish to let go of on one sheet of paper.

Write your new intentions, goals and dreams on the other sheet of paper.

Step 2: Air Out Your Home

If the weather allows, open the windows wide to let the spring air circulate and refresh every room.

Step 3: Smudge to Release

Palo santo has been used since ancient times for energy cleansing and transforming of negative energies to peaceful, happy positive energies. Light your palo santo stick and use a feather or gently blow down on it until it creates a fragrant smoke.

Ground down on both feet and bring your focus back on what you wish to release.

Then, begin by smudging yourself, gently bathing yourself in fragrant smoke.

When you feel complete, take your smudge stick and walk counterclockwise through each room of your house, making sure to waft the smoke into each corner. Consider repeating a mantra as you smudge, for example “May all negative energies be cleared and transformed into love, laughter, peace and happiness.”

Step 4: Smudge to Receive

Now that you’ve released the negative energy, it’s time to focus on drawing in an abundance of positive energy! Switch to lavender or cedar to support you in attracting your intentions (If using lavender, make sure it’s very dry or it will be difficult to smudge with.)

Start again by smudging yourself first, this time focusing on what you would like to draw in.

Then, move clockwise around each room of your house and smudge while repeating the intentions that you wrote down.

Step 5: Offer Gratitude

When you have completed the smudging, close all the windows, bring your hands together in front of your chest and offer gratitude.

photo: Emily Bauman