6 Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween is candy central (not to mention all the other sweet treats that pop up around every corner this time of year!) Between the cupcakes and the candied apples, October can easily turn into a full month of sugar overload!

The good news: you can make treats for your child to enjoy that are both festive and healthy. These 7 Halloween snack ideas are adorable and fun to eat, but will help balance out all the not-so-great stuff he or she will likely be eating this month, too.

1. Candy Corn Popsicles

Candy corn itself might not be the healthiest option this time of year, but these candy corn popsicles include amazing ingredients like coconut milk, peaches, and pineapple.

Recipe & photo by yummymummykitchen.com

2. Gluten-Free Cut Out Cookies

For a healthier spin on a holiday classic, get creative with your favorite spooky cookie cutters and follow a gluten-free + low sugar recipe!

Recipe & photo by sarahbakesgfree.com

3. Pumpkin Dippers

Transform an everyday snack of hummus and carrots into something oh-so festive!

Recipe & photo by cleaneatsandtreats.com

4. Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups

Get to carving (an orange, that is!) Your kids are sure to love digging into these super healthy and super cute snacks.

Recipe & photo by ourkidsmom.com

5. Eyeball Pasta

For the kids who go for the gross factor when it comes to Halloween, this pasta is sure to please.

Recipe & photo by spendwithpennies.com

6. Spider Sandwiches

The classic PB&J gets a super fun Halloween makeover with this clever recipe!

Recipe & photo by foodlets.com

7. Frozen Banana Mummies

These are just too adorable for words. And, you can get creative with how you decorate these fruity treats.

Recipe & photo by floandgrace.com