6 Ways To Cultivate Love Today

Today is Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, cultivating love in your daily life creates a strong foundation of fulfillment and happiness. Boost your love tank with the following 6 practices today, and everyday.

1. Come from a place of love

Let everything you think, say, or do come from love. Instead of stressing, judging, criticizing, reacting or rushing, connect back to your heart. It helps to place one hand over the heart, take a deep breath, and set the intention to focus on the source of love within yourself. If you find this practice challenging, think about someone in your life that you love unconditionally (maybe a child, a pet, or your spouse.) Feel the love in your heart expanding and let that emotion fill you completely. From this space, you can come back to being loving in your communication, in your actions and in your thoughts and intentions.

2. Allow yourself to receive love

Take a moment to think about all the beings in your life that love you. They may be sending you loving thoughts right this moment. Feel how blessed you are to be loved so deeply and allow yourself to receive the love. Know that you are loved.

3. Practice compassion and patience

When you feel impatient or irritated with yourself or others, remember that everyone is on their own individual path. Try not to judge, or compare. Instead, practice being compassionate, kind and patient. Notice the shift in your energy, body and mind as you focus on those positive qualities.

4. Raise your awareness

Open your mind and heart to all the love that is around you throughout the day. Have you ever noticed the loving energies at the arrival area of the airport, when loved ones hug each other dearly? The gesture of your loved one bringing you a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? How a few kind words can bring a beautiful smile on someones face? People reaching out to help each other? Encouraging words, a group of people you feel save with, who hear you, understand you and support you? A gorgeous sunrise or sunset that transforms the sky into a canvas of pastels? A warm embrace. The unconditional love of your pet.

5. Take care of yourself

Practice being loving and kind to yourself. Remember to think kind and loving thoughts, and to communicate from your heart with love and compassion. In addition, take some time to pamper your body, mind, and heart. What would you want to receive that would make you feel loved, happy, and relaxed? Give it to yourself or maybe invite others to join you. Cook a wonderful dinner or go out and eat out at your favorite restaurant. Or stay home and turn up that special song and dance the night away. Sign-up for a yoga class, meditation practice, or upcoming retreat. Buy yourself some flowers, chocolates, or perfume. Take a soothing bath with essential oils, and place some candles and crystals around you, play some soft music and just relaaaax.

6. Share your love with others

The more love you give away, the more you receive back. Contribute to others. Go and help a friend with a project. Surprise someone with something they have always wanted. Connect to your loved ones by phone, email or letter and tell them how much they mean to you. Volunteer at a local shelter, orphanage, or organization of your choosing, or donate some money if you can. Open the doors for others, smile, and spread the loving energies from your heart out into the world. Everyone is longing to be loved.

photo credit: Georgia DeLotz