A Guide To Giving Back This Holiday

The holidays are all about giving, and often people are looking to extend that generosity beyond just their family and friends. However, navigating the sea of non-profits and charities to determine where to give back this season can be overwhelming. We’re here to help! We’ve collected five options – each centered around a distinct cause – to help you find the best way to plug in based on your personality or interests. Happy giving!

1. The Cause: Education

Donors Choose is an organization that makes it easy to fund public schools across the country and know exactly where your donation is going. Teachers upload their needs to the website (projects, materials, etc.), and then you – the donor – get to choose which school you support and which specific project you’re giving to. You’re helping children learn and saving teachers from spending their own money on much-needed supplies in the process.

2. The Cause: Hunger

Action Against Hunger has been around for four decades, and with good reason. This wonderful organization has a presence in close to 50 countries, offering resources like nutrition, sanitation, and food sustainability.

3. The Cause: Healthcare

Partners in Health is a worldwide health care organization that brings basic medical care to developing countries, including maternal and prenatal care to women around the world who have the highest rates of death during childbirth.

4. The Cause: Environment

Conservation International is an organization that relies heavily on science to help inform their environmental preservation work. They partner with local communities and help get policies put in place to impact conservation and awareness across 30 countries.

5. The Cause: Animal Welfare

The Humane Society is a familiar name to most, and that’s for good reason. As the nation’s most effective animal protection organization, they offer care and services to more than 100,000 animals annually, and also provide education and training for local organizations.

photo credit: Alisa Anton