Arm Sculpting On The Go

Resistance bands are a great tool for conveniently adding strength training to your home or on the go workout. From rehabilitation to strength training without weights, resistance bands allow for a variety of workout types — plus they’re cost effective and great for traveling. They come in different lengths and strengths, allowing you to choose the intensity depending on your workout and level of fitness.

One of my favorite ways to get lean, toned arms is to use a resistance band for my biceps, triceps and shoulders. Below are the some simple exercises to work these areas. For each exercise, try performing 8-20 reps, 2-3 times.

Biceps: Standing Biceps Curl


Position feet over the center of the band, shoulder width apart and grip the band palm facing up.

Pull the band towards your shoulders bending at your elbows, contracting your biceps, making sure that your wrists are straight, not bent.

Lower back down slowly and repeat 10-15 curls.

Triceps: Triceps Kickback


Stand in the center of the band, shoulder width apart, gripping the band with palms facing behind you.

Bend your knees slightly and at the waist, keeping your back straight as to not to “hunch” over.

Push your arms back behind you; keeping a very slight bend in your elbows so there’s no pressure or resistance on your elbow joint, and make sure your wrists are straight, not bent.

Lowly lower back down to starting position and repeat for 10-12 reps.

Shoulders: Upright Row


Position feet over the center of the band, shoulder width apart and grip the band palms facing down.

As you pull the band straight up to shoulder level, bend elbows up to a high “V”

Lower back down slowly, and repeat for 10-15 reps.

I love these exercises because you can do them anywhere and, as simple as they are, they really get the job done. I usually do this routine 2-3 times a week. Coupled with diet and cardio, it’s the perfect way to tone up, and get lean, sculpted arms and shoulders… Hello Summer!