Be Your Own Best Friend

How do you treat your best friend?

Do you get her gifts for her birthday and holidays? Do you answer the phone when she calls? Give her your undivided attention when it’s asked for? Tell her she’s beautiful? Celebrate her wins and be there with a shoulder to cry on when she loses?

Or do you tell her that she’s fat and ugly? Do you confirm that yes, her butt does look fat in those jeans, and that if she would just lose a little more weight, she could actually be worthy of wearing those pants? Do you tell her she’s a failure? Scorn her for overeating? Beat up on her for having an extra slice of cake? Kick her when she’s down?

You wouldn’t let anyone treat your best friend this way, and you certainly wouldn’t befriend such a person. And if anyone were to treat you that way, you wouldn’t stand for it.

So why is it ok for you treat yourself that way?

Think about how many times you’ve looked in the mirror and said something nasty about your appearance. Or maybe the last time you failed to achieve a goal you had been striving for. Did you forgive yourself? Or did you stomp all over yourself with self hatred?

Ladies, we all need to stop and pay attention to how we talk to ourselves. We are the only ones who have the power to stop the cycle of self hatred, so let’s stop it.

It’s time to be your own best friend. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, and resolve to make it better. Talk to and treat yourself as you would to your best friend – with kindness, compassion, and love. Show up for yourself.

Talk to yourself as if you’re talking to someone you love. Because to be loved and to love, you must first love yourself. It starts with you.

So, what does it look like to be your own best friend?

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