Brunch Style Guide

Brunch Look #1


Brunch Look #1
Brunch Look #2
Brunch Look #3

Brunch. A time to eat breakfast and lunch food, to gather with friends and family for a catch up and – best of all – an excuse to drink champagne with your omelet!

I love brunch, and I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like this wonderful Sunday ritual. Whether at someone’s home or a restaurant, it’s important to dress cool & stylish while staying comfortable.

A few things to consider when getting dressed for brunch:

  • Keep things simple but don’t be afraid to add a little twist.
  • Keep colors soft – remember it’s still the AM!
  • Sunglasses are must have, especially if eating al fresco (or hiding tired eyes from the party the night before).
  • Makeup should be clean and minimal; if wearing mascara and liner, have only lip balm on lips and if wearing a bright lip keep eyes simple or makeup free.
  • Wear flats or low heels to keep things comfy and from looking too formal (no need for 6 inch platforms).
  • And lastly, order a round of mimosas.

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