Call It Karma

Call it karma or call it positive energy. Call it whatever you want, but what you put out is what you get back.

I strongly believe in the power of your thoughts and beliefs – they make you who you are and largely determine how you are received by others.

Your thoughts and beliefs ultimately create the experiences you have.

If you walk around talking negatively and thinking negatively, that’s exactly what you will get. And, you will either end up surrounded by negative people or worse – alone, since no one wants to really be around negativity.

Take note if the people around you tend to be negative or positive because sometimes it’s as simple as changing your surroundings.

But, more often it’s about the chatter in your head and you have to make a conscious decision to change your thoughts. Even when we are at our seemingly lowest, there are still things to be grateful for.

We have a choice: We can focus on gratitude and attract more of it or we can focus on what we don’t have and block the very thing we want from coming into our life.

Reality does not have a mind of its own – you determine what it looks like. If you think negatively you will find yourself in experiences that reinforce your negative thoughts. Your experiences are determined by you.

Change your mind to change your reality.