Carry On Must-Haves

[images][image]Leggings & Cardigan by BEYOND YOGA[image]Plane Travel Accessories[image]

Supplements for Plane Travel


Hand Sanitizer Spray by Miists


Towelettes by Herban Essentials


L’eauxygenante by Biologique Recherche


Water Bottle by S'well


Noise Canceling Headphones by Bose


Within by Dr. Habib Sadeghi


Get High Pouch by Flight 001


Seat Pak by Flight 001

[endimages]Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful. That’s why we like to be extremely prepared before a flight takes off. From staying hydrated to staying entertained, these are our must-have travel accessories!


Start off your trip by picking the best plane and seats for your flight. Seat Guru is a great resource to make sure you aren’t seated near a door (which we hate because it’s very cold there!)

The perfect pair of black leggings are essential for travel. Our favorite of the moment are the Quilted Essential Leggings. They look so great while walking through the airport and are super comfy aboard a long flight.

Always bring an extra pair of clean socks on the flight. If you tend to get cold on planes, a cozy pair of socks is such a life saver!


Staying healthy during plane travel is our #1 concern. Take supplements to avoid any airborne illness. Try taking Airborne during take off, as well as one Oscillococcinum (and another when you land.) It’s also important to take a great vitamin C daily to build up your immune systems – my favorite is Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.

Hand sanitizer is a must! Always wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer spray in between washings. It’s very important to keep your hands away from your face (nose, eyes and ears) during the flight, as well! For extra cleanliness, use Herban Essentials Lavender Towelettes to wipe down the armrests of your seat.


It’s especially important to keep your skin hydrated while you are on an airplane. We recommend using a face mist, such as L’eauxygenante by Biologique Recherche to make sure your skin is getting much-needed moisture.

To stay hydrated during your flight, always buy a bottle of water at the airport or bring your S’well bottle – it can keep ice cold or water hot for 24 hours! Fill it up with ice at the airport to keep your water cold throughout the flight.


Headphones are a must during a loud flight! If you find it difficult to drown out the sounds of the plane, a great pair of noise canceling headphones can really help.

Always bring a book – it gives you something to do during take off and landing. Our travel book of the moment is Within by Dr. Sabib Sadeghi – it’s super positive and inspiring.


Organize your carry-on with a great pouch to keep everything in one place. We love this Let’s Get High pouch from Flight 001 – a great one stop shop for travel!

We’re obsessed with F1 Seat Pak! There’s a hook on it so you can hook it to your tray table or the coat hook in the seat, which is very useful if you don’t like putting stuff in the seat pockets (if you knew what people put in those pockets you never would again!)