Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs

Tomorrow is one of our very favorite days of the year: Womens Entrepreneurship Day! What could be better than a day dedicated to empowering and celebrating females who are working hard to accomplish their dreams?

We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate ladies who have turned their ideas into successful businesses we love. Here are our must-have products of the month, all from brands founded by inspiring women:

  1. Baggu Basic Leather Tote, founded by Emily Sugihara

  2. Clare Vivier Sweatshirt, founded by Clare Vivier

  3. Mociun Perfume, founded by Caitlin Mociun

  4. Conscious Tampons, founded by Annie Lasco & Margo Lang

  5. Lite & Cycle Sage Candle, founded by Kristi Head

  6. Mara Mi iPhone Case, founded by friends Marylin & Mimi

  7. Ilse Jacobsen Rainboots, founded by Ilse Jacobsen

  8. Drybar Salons & Products, founded by Alli Webb

  9. The Bar Method Studio & DVD, founded by Burr Leonard

  10. BluePrint Juice, founded by Zoe Sakoutis & Erica Huss

  11. Rachel Pally Jumpsuit, founded by Rachel Pally

What are some of your favorite brands or companies started by female entrepreneurs? Share with us by commenting below!