Celebrating Teachers

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and boy, do we appreciate teachers. Being a teacher is one of the most important (and toughest) jobs out there – and today is a great reminder to show our children’s teachers how much we truly admire their hard work. Mom blog Romper offered up some clever ways to show teachers your appreciation today. Below are our favorite 5.

1. Bring them coffee.

Teaching a classroom full of children or teens is certainly tiring. Find out how your child’s teacher takes their coffee and bring them a fresh, hot cup of joe first thing in the morning.

2. Gift them personalized supplies.

It takes A LOT of supplies to keep a classroom running properly, especially in elementary school. Make your child’s teacher feel extra special by bringing them supplies, such as pens or a clipboard, with their name or initials on it.

3. Offer to volunteer in the classroom.

Who couldn’t use a pair of extra hands around at work? Give teacher a break by offering to volunteer for a few hours in the classroom doing any extra tasks they may need help with.

4. Have all the students say something nice about the teacher.

Reminding teachers just how much of an impact they have on the children they teach is one of the best ways to show appreciation. Have all the parents film their kids saying what they love about their teacher, edit it together and give him or her the video.

5. Have flowers delivered.

Too busy for the ideas above? No problem! Sending a bouquet of flowers is always a great idea. Have seasonal flowers delivered directly to the classroom so they can be displayed on the teacher’s desk and brighten up the room.

For more ideas, visit the full post on Romper.