Desk Organization Gadgets


Apple Magic Trackpad
Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner
The Magic Numpad by Mobee!prettyPhoto
Magic Feet Charging Station by Mobee
MOS Magnetic Cord Organizer
Apple iPhone Dock
Space Bar Computer Stand by Quirky
Satechi External USB Hub
[endimages]It’s officially back-to-school season! Whether you’re a student or not, you can probably use a little help organizing your desk. Since I spend so much time working at my desk, I’ve made it a top priority to keep my workspace as organized as possible so I can stay on task. Start fresh and clutter-free this fall with these 8 digital desk must-haves.

1. Trackpad

Who needs a mouse? Let your fingers do the scrolling, swiping and clicking instead! The wireless Apple Magic Trackpad uses the same multi-touch technology as a laptop for desktop computer, making navigation easier and more natural.

2. Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner

Most of us need to scan documents regularly – and now we can do just that without the cords and the hassle! The Futjitsu ScanSnap Scanner is a wireless, desktop scanner that is streamlined and super easy to use. It connects to your computers, phone and tablet, making the scanning process a breeze.

3. Magic Numpad

Combined with the wireless Apple Magic Trackpad, the Mobee Magic Numpad makes calculating numbers simple and efficient. By downloading a simple app and applying a reusable film to the top of your trackpad, you’re able to use the trackpad as a digital calculator.

4. Magic Feet Charging Station

Those of us with wireless Apple products know that, while they are clutter-free, they often run out of battery. The Mobee Magic Feet Charging Station is the best solution for this problem! It’s designed to fit perfectly under your monitor or iMac as a stylish complement and can charge up to three products at once.

5. Magnetic Cord Holder

Even with all the wireless gadgets out there, there are still many cords involved in a workstation. Keep your cords out of sight and out of mind with the MOS Magnetic Cord Holder for your desk. Simply set the end of your cables on the MOS when their not in use and the MOS will magnetically hold them in place until you’re ready to put them to use again. Simple, right?

6. iPhone Dock

Since we still need our phones near us at our desk for phone calls and texts, why not display and charge your phone during work? The iPhone Dock keeps the phone upright for each viewing and charged so it’s ready to pick up and take with you on the go.

7. Computer Stand

Depending on the type of work you’re doing and how many computers it involves, finding the right display and mounting for your workspace is essential. A computer stand (yes, even for desktops!) is a great way to improve your posture at your workstation and your work. I personally love the Space Bar Monitor Stand by Quirky because it helps maximize space and alleviate desk clutter.

8. External USB Hub

There are so many extra things to plug into your computer these days, such as digital cameras, phones and flash drives. Instead of unplugging and replugging these devices from your computer’s direct USB ports, I suggest investing in an external USB hub with more than enough ports.