DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Flapper Halloween Costume



DIY Flapper Halloween Costume


DIY Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume


DIY Angel Halloween Costume


DIY Swashbuckler Halloween Costume


DIY Grape Halloween Costume


DIY Flashdance Halloween Costume
[endimages]Halloween is just around the corner! If you don’t have a costume yet, we’ve got you covered with these simple DIY looks. Utilize classic pieces that you already own, add a few easy accessories and… voila! You’re Halloween ready.


Looking for an elegant costume with a sexy edge? A flapper is the perfect fit for you! This timeless look is always a hit and super easy to pull off. Start with a slouchy dress like the Siren Bamboo Fleece Dress by BEYOND YOGA and a pair of lace up heels or booties. Accessorize with your grandmother’s pearls and vintage jewelry (costume jewelry also works great) and a 1920’s embellished feathered headband. Just throw on a feathered boa to complete the glamorous look.


Want to show off your wild side this Halloween? Sandy from Grease will help you do just that! Just throw on a leather jacket over black leggings and a fitted black cami. Add red stiletto heels or wedges, gold hoop earrings, a clasp waist belt and don’t forget your attitude!


Show off the sweetheart you are in a lovely angelic look. All you need is a white cami and skirt, a pair of angel wings and a headband to serve as your halo for the night. Pair with a feminine metallic flat or heel and sparkly makeup to really shine at the Halloween party.


Feeling rebellious this Halloween? Try dressing up as a traditional swashbuckler with a modern edge. Start by belting a flowy white top with a leather wrap around belt. Then, add a red bandana headband, skull-inspired jewelry and knee high boots. Complete the look with a standard eye patch and you are pirate ready, matey!


If you’re going for a quirkier look this Halloween, we suggest this adorable DIY grape costume. You will need a purple cami and simple black or neutral leggings as your base layer. Simply tie or safety pin as many purple balloons as you’d like to your base layer to mimic the look of grapes. Add a green leaf pin or fake greenery to your hair as the stem. Accent with purple nail polish and eyeshadow to complete the look.


Who doesn’t love the 80’s? Alex from Flashdance is always a fun, comfy Halloween costume (and probably one of the easiest!) Layer an over the shoulder gray top with shorts and black leg warmers. For those extra cold Halloween nights, try the Legs for Days Legging by BEYOND YOGA with a leg warmer built in. Add a simple drop earring, lots of hairspray and you are ready to hit the dance floor!