DIY: Home Meditation Altar

[images][image]Jodi's Home Meditation Altar[image]Lips by Kelly Wearstler[image]Photo of Jodi's Dog, Lula[image]Framed Inspirational Quote[image]Statue of Ganesh & Statue of Quan Yen[image]Mala Beads, Scented Amber Ball & Sage[endimages]

It was Deepak Chopra who taught me about the concept of archetypes and the importance of surrounding yourself with the ones that you want to attract into your life and I do that through my home mediation altar.

Although slightly nontraditional (but who decides what is the right way?), my altar represents those things which I want in my life – love, laughter, beauty, balance.

  • Sage – to get rid of negative energy in my space.
  • Photo of Amma – a reminder to give hugs and show love to those around me.
  • Crystals – each have different meanings – my favorite is amber for purification and romance.
  • Beads blessed by Deepak Chopra – a reminder to surround myself with what I want to attract into my life, which includes surrounding myself with people who make me feel good.
  • Beads blessed by Bagahwan
  • Candle – a reminder to shed light on all situations and to be a positive light to others.
  • Flowers – to remind myself to stop and smell the roses.
  • Statue of Quan Yen, Goddess of Compassion – a reminder to have compassion.
  • Statue of Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles – a reminder to have joy and hold a space to remove obstacles.
  • Framed Inspirational Quotes – to help me remain inspired and positive.
  • Card from my Husband – a reminder that he thinks I’m fabulous, which keeps me smiling!
  • Lips – a reminder to speak kind words of myself and others, as well as a reminder to smile.
  • I LOVE YOU Rocks – I collect them whenever I travel and gift them to people I love – they remind me of my trip, but also to emanate love.
  • Dancing Girl – a reminder to dance and celebrate life!
  • Photo of my Dog, Lula – a reminder to unconditionally love like my little girl does of me.

I highly recommend trying your own personal version of this in your home. It can consist of anything from a picture of your dog to a knick knack from a trip abroad. Whatever makes you happy and puts you in a peaceful, focused mindset.