DIY: Summer Blooms

There’s no denying that flowers do some majorly heavy lifting when it comes to brightening a space and making it look both polished and welcoming. Sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly how to arrange flowers, though, to make the best impression.

Here are five easy ways to arrange flowers that will leave you looking like a pro for any occasion, whether you’re displaying these blossoms in your home or sharing them with someone else.

1. Color Coordinated.

color coordinated

Select a couple of bouquets that each contain flowers of a few different colors. Choose a small vase for each color (coordinating or matching, if possible) and then separate the flowers based on color. Cut all the stems to the same length and place in the selected vases. Photo credit: Real Simple (Photo by José Picayo)

2. Start In Your Kitchen.


Herbs like rosemary, mint and thyme pair beautifully with other blooms (think poppy pods and white ranunculus). You can even incorporate a lemon or two, using a skewer to help hold up the fruit. Reach for a rustic vase to complete this look. Photo credit:

3. Sleep Tight.


Lavender, known for its relaxing, sleep-enhancing properties, is the perfect flower choice for the bedside table of a guest room. For this look, try filling a vase with ruffled scented geranium leaves and then pepper in lavender stems. Photo credit: Angela Ward Brown

4. Go Green.

floral arrangement

Let the greenery, such as eucalyptus stems, be the focal point of your arrangement. Add monochromatic florals (whites work especially well for this look) around the greenery to create an eclectic shape. Only use a clear vase if the stems are presentable.

5. Rustic Blooms.


A wooden crate makes for a dramatic yet simple way to display an abundance of wild flowers. This is perfect for an outdoor arrangement, perhaps on a screened porch or patio for a summertime gathering. Photo credit: 822 Weddings