Don’t Rain On My Workout

It has been a wild and wicked season of wet weather. For lots of us, it is not just another lazy day listening to the hypnotic sounds of raindrops as they plink plonk off the roof shingles. Torrential downpours, nor’easter, and tropical showers can put a damper on any outdoor workout, but precipitation does not have to impede your enthusiasm and commitment to your health.

A true warrior is prepared for anything. All year long there are muscles to tone and calories to burn, and if you’re looking for the brighter side, you don’t even have to risk frizzing your hair. Here are 5 workouts to do at home on a rainy day.

1. Solo Dance Party

Do you have that fave song you could play over and over for like an hour? You know, the one you listen to with your car windows rolled up so you aren’t caught listening to it. Your house, your music, no limits! That song or playlist that instantly turns you into a push-up loving superhero at the end of a tough fitness class can now turn your living room into Studio 54. Music has a way of penetrating into our soul and making us forget our inhibitions. So twerk, twist and twirl like no one is watching.

2. Step it Up

Whether you have one step or a flight of stairs, a stepping workout is likely at your fingertips (or in this case the tips of your toes.) Torch calories with step reps, by going up and down on one step or intervals by running up one flight then walking the next one. To tone up your glute muscles, go two steps at a time, always enforcing the heel-to-toe each stride. You can work on your quads and balance on the way down by placing your hands on your hips rather than using the rails for support.

3. Indoor Triathlon

On your mark, get set, go! Start with swimming: on your stomach, with arms and legs extended, look down at the floor to keep your spine neutral. Lift your chest, arms and legs an inch off the floor. Alternating in a controlled steady pace, raise your right arm and left leg, then left arm and right leg. Kick, kick, kick. Next comes the bicycle: hop on your stationary bike if you have one. No bike? No problem. Roll over on your back for the cycle phase. Cradle neck with fingers interlocked and wide elbows. Twist your torso, while pulling knee towards opposite elbow. Again, keep the rotation at a controlled speed. Pedal strong! Lastly, it’s time for your run: stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift your right knee, so your thigh is parallel to the floor while swinging arms like you are running. Then switch legs. Do each event for 30 seconds at time in intervals.

4. Swiffer Lunges

So, you’re stuck inside on a soggy day? Why punish your body ’cause it’s dark and cloudy out there. Grab a couple of Swiffer pads and turn on your sunny attitude. Step one foot on the Swiffer pad while the other foot is on the floor surface for support. Do lunges moving in a forward, backward and side motion to work your bootie, legs and inner thighs. Then, step both feet (keep heels up) on the pads and keep your hand on the floor or a mat shoulder width apart. Tone your abs and arms with mountain climbers and plank to pike. When you’re finished, you can relax on the couch, kick up your sexy legs, and marvel at your sparkling clean floors.

5. Stretching

Don’t underestimate the power of the stretch. When you exercise with energy and thought behind each muscle contraction, it increases blood flow to that area. Specificity leads to a more profound mind-body connection, improving your mobility, functionality, and awareness. Pick one stretch, such as Sun Salutations. In a continuous, flowing style repeat this particular stretch for a minute or more focusing on your breath and feeling every motion from the beginning to end. You may even break a sweat.