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Apps are a great way to keep ourselves motivated to exercise, and they often make working out way more convenient. Lucky for us, our new fave fitness app does both.

Guru’d is a platform for yogis to connect and cultivate a community, as well as a tool for yoga students to find, book and register for classes and events hosted by their favorite teachers.

We caught up with Alexa Shore, the creator of Guru’d, to chat about her inspiring background, entrepreneurship and breaking into the world of technology.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a lifetime yogi who is curious, interested and always learning. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and am now a single momma of 9 and 12 year old girls. I have owned my own businesses and consulted for others, and in the past four years, I have been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, twice.

What is your experience with yoga and fitness?

I have been practicing yoga and running for decades. I also owned 2 children’s fitness centers and love to run and dance. Yoga gave me the tools to develop my intuition and recognize my illness, which saved my life. It also helped me get through treatment and recover. I practice yoga every day – not physical asana practice every day; yoga.

What is your favorite type of workout?

Dancing, and keeping up with my kids!

What inspired you to create an iPhone app?

I knew that I wanted to create a way to find all my yoga teachers, and their schedules, in the same place at the palm of my hand. I kept missing classes and workshops because I was getting distracted by all the pictures on Facebook of lovely vacations and food. That was the inspiration for Guru’d.

Before creating Guru’d, were you interested in technology?

I was not into technology at all! I actually had to buy an iPhone so I could understand apps.

What should we know about Guru’d?

Guru’d is an app where a student can find their teachers, favorites or discover new ones, based on names, styles, location and event type. A teacher can list their schedule, events and any schedule changes all in one place so their students can always find them.

What do you think people will love most about the app?

Having all of their teachers in one place! I get so much positive feedback about this. Guru’d will also be creating and hosting yoga events soon. Anything that Guru’d can do to support yoga teachers in a way that helps them and brings awareness to the benefits of yoga, I’m in! It’s very personal for me.

What was the process of creating an app like?

The process of creating an app is tricky! You have to ask so many questions, but not get lost in the options. I am curious by nature and enjoyed learning something new. It’s constantly changing, even now, as I am getting ready to release my newest update. It’s exciting!

What was your favorite part about the process?

My favorite part is also the most challenging part. Creating and introducing something new is a disruption to the current process. It’s a completely different way of empowering a yoga teacher to build their business beyond the studio.

What advice do you have to other entrepreneurs out there with ideas?

Keep it simple. And just keep swimming!

Complete this sentence: i am BEYOND…

… a medical diagnosis.