Ginger Turmeric Oats

Oatmeal is a morning staple in our home, and lately we’ve been mixing it up with a variety of grains, spices, and superfoods. This recipe has been on constant rotation for months and I’m excited to share it with you. Play around with various grains like quinoa, buckwheat and teff, top with a creamy nut milk and a mix of your favorite nuts, seeds and spices!


1/2 cup Oats
1.5 cup Water
½ tsp ground turmeric
1/4th tsp ground ginger
1 tsp Cinnamon
Pinch of Himalayan salt

Top with…

Tsp of Coconut Oil or Ghee
1/4th cup Coconut Milk
1/4th cup Fresh Almond Milk
Fresh Chopped Ginger
1 Chopped Medjool Date
Slivered Almonds or Walnut Halves
Tsp of Raw Honey, Coconut Nectar or Maple Syrup
*Optional: ½ Tsp Chia Seeds, ½ tsp Ground flaxseed, ½ tsp hemp hearts, goji berries


Bring water and oats to a boil.

Add spices and sea salt.

Cover, Reduce to simmer & cook for roughly 5 minutes.

Turn off heat & let stand for 2 minutes.

Add desired toppings.