Halloween Movie Bash

Let’s be honest: Halloween is the holiday with the best movies. So it only makes sense that you’d choose this occasion to host a movie-themed party. Here are some tips on making it extra spooky in all the right ways:

1. First things first: choose your movie.

Are you going to go the fun route (think Hocus Pocus or The Addams Family), the weird route (like Edward Scissorhands or The Nightmare Before Christmas), or the straight-up scary route (one of the Halloween movies, perhaps)? The movie you choose can help dictate the overall mood of your get-together.

2. Round up your attendees.

This might be the perfect event for some good old-fashioned snail mail invitations (if you plan ahead well enough). After all, everyone loves getting mail, and there are lots of adorable (or gory, depending on the angle you’re going for) options out there! Check out Zazzle’s offerings as a starting point.

3. Suggest – but don’t require – costumes.

Encourage people to come in costume for an extra dose of fun. After all, if you have a great costume, you likely want the chance to show it off more than just on Halloween! Give people the option, though, so they don’t back out just because they aren’t in themed garb. (As hard as it is to believe, some people just don’t embrace the Halloween costume thing as much as most. It’s okay – they’re still invited.)

4. Be on your snack game.

There are too many awesome Halloween-themed treats out there on Pinterest for you NOT to take advantage of a few. We’re particularly fond of these spider cupcakes. these Nutter Butter ghosts, these mummy crescent dogs, and these pumpkin-shaped roasted red pepper deviled eggs.

5. Spike the punch.

You’ll need a signature drink for your party, of course. Might we suggest eyeball punch or blood-bath punch? Both are sure to KILL it…

6. Set the mood.

You want your Halloween movie night to be LEGIT, so consider turning out all the lights and putting up either candles, Halloween-themed stringed lights, or lit jack-o-lanterns (either real or plastic) to really get everyone into that Halloween movie zone.