Holiday Travel Essentials

Over the years, I’ve discovered that little things can make flying much more relaxing and enjoyable. So, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite travel essentials for a seamless holiday flight.

First and foremost, choose your carry-on bag. Opt out of a handbag and carry a backpack which can hold all the essentials, while leaving your hands free. Bring a passport holder to make it easy to organize and find your documents.

Secondly, pack for entertainment and activities. Bring a magazine or book, headphones for movies and music, an iPad with a cover that charges wirelessly and an eye mask for easier sleeping to act as a little “do not disturb” sign.

Next, pack cosmetics and beauty essentials so you can freshen up before landing. A quick face wipe, lotion, tinted moisturizer, lip balm and a couple of coats of mascara and you’re good to go!

And of course, bring vitamin C to keep your immune system strong during travel. I also recommend having gum ready to freshen your breath before landing.

Extra tip: During the flight, drink plenty of water and ditch caffeinated drinks. Indulge in a tea, such a chamomile, to keep you relaxed. Happy holidays and safe travels!

Carry on & organization| Backpack, passport cover

Entertainment & activities| Headphones, ipad & ipad charger, eye mask, pen, reading material

Beauty & cosmetics| Face wipes, skin wipes, mascara, face lotion, lip balm, hand lotion, facial spray, tinted moisturizer & hand sanitizer

Health & refreshments| gum, vitamin C