Home Alone

It’s December, 2016 is coming to an end, and the most frequently asked question you’re about to hear this month is: “What are you doing for the holidays?”

We work so hard all year long, making the holidays a great time to reflect, be with yourself and get grounded again. If you find yourself unable to go home, traveling solo, or just taking a quick break from the family celebrations, why not make the most of it?

Below are 5 foolproof ways to enjoy your time alone this season.

1. Bring a good book.

This is my favorite part about traveling, entering a new season or just really any excuse to need to start reading a new book. Find a book that really speak to you and keeps you wanting more. This is when you can stock up on those classics or dust off one of those old books you haven’t touched since last holiday season.

2. Find a cozy coffee shop.

When I was traveling in Oslo, Norway this past summer the first place I discovered while waiting for my AirBnb to greet me was a coffee shop. It ended up being where I met my new best friends, my best source of information and my caffeine fix for the jet lag. Finding a coffee shop that makes you feel like home is imperative for a cozy holiday alone. Take that book of yours to the coffee shop and just relax. Isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for all year, anyways?

3. Start a new hobby.

Another one of my favorite things to do, trying new things! Take advantage when your work slows down and do something you’ve been wanting to try for a while. Need some ideas? Here’s what is going to be on my list this season: ceramics, knitting, candle making, embroidering, buying a typewriter and start writing on just about everything. I’ve also just discovered the endless amount of free live streaming content on creativelive.com — a super great resource to learn tons of new things!

4. Go to the movies.

There are tons of really great movies coming out. Yes, movie tickets have skyrocketed since our days back in the 90’s when they were $8 but the good news is is that matinee tickets are almost that price. And since you’re not working (like you normally would) during your time off, you can go see as many discounted movies as possible! Maybe this will even stir your creative juices and inspire you to try a new hobby!

5. Try a new workout.

We all know how good it is for our minds and bodies to break a sweat, so why not try a new workout or try a new gym or yoga studio? Or if you are into at home workouts, try a new instructor or way of training. The possibilities are unlimited making your workout choices easier and easier. You can go on youtube.com for meditations and classes, OneOEight for Yoga, RAMA TV for Kundalini Yoga and use an app.