How To “Summerize” Your Home

This time of year always puts me in a good mood because it’s time to start spring cleaning, to declutter and to open the windows! It’s also a great time to update a few things, such as your wardrobe, your makeup and even your home decor. Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s not necessary to go out and completely refurnish your home, but there are simple (and budget friendly) items you can introduce into your living space to freshen it up.

Below are 5 tips to “summerize” your home + my summer decor must have picks:

1. Plants, vases and baskets

One of the easiest ways to introduce spring and summer into your home is by adding indoor plants. My favorites are succulents and cactus (hard to kill) and big leafy plants, such as fiddle-leaf fig. Try adding these to the corner of any room or on window ledges. Instead of keeping them in pots, you can also add them to a summery basket like this one from H&M or big clear vase, like this one from H&M.

2. Pillows, throws, poufs and towels

When the weather heats up, try sprucing up your space with new pillows that feel like summer. Adding a few brighter prints like this one from Indigo mixed with natural fibers definitely gives off those summer vibes. New towels always make me think of summer too, and I especially love all this Turkish option from Indigo. Lastly, can we all agree that this pouf from Zara Home is beautiful? (I’d leave this out year-round.)

3. Lanterns and candles

Lighting is everything, it creates the atmosphere and really sets the mood. Lanterns, in particular, remind me of dark summer nights by a campfire. What’s great about these lanterns from Indigo is that they are battery operated and can be easily added outdoors or in a porch area. Candles are another great way to set the mood (and the smell.) Switching up a few candles in your home to more summer-y scents like this one from Madewell will surely add freshness to any space.

4. Glass wear and serving dishes

Brighten up your kitchen for the season by simply adding some new glasses and serving dishes! Having a few serving dishes strictly for this time of year adds that fun touch, and can be done at any price. You opt for a full matching set or mix things up with different prints. I love this tropical mug by H&M.

5. Bar cart

I highly recommend a bar cart for everyone! Whether it be a home or apartment, the bar cart like this one from Indigo fits anywhere. It’s a piece of furniture you can leave year round, but the contents can be switched up so easily with the seasons and with specific events. In the summer, you can add fun glasses and a bowl of fruit to use for drinks, and create a whole theme around it for those summer parties.

photo credit: Toa Heftiba