Inspired: Women We Admire

Alicia Silverstone | The Kind Life


Alicia Silverstone & Family, The Kind Life


Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue


Linda Benson, Hermosa Beach, 1968


Cyndi Lee, May I Be Happy

[endimages]Yoga teaches us that out of small beginnings come great accomplishments, breath-by-breath, moment-by-moment. Whether it’s our mothers, our sisters, or best friends, there are many women in our lives that inspire us day in and day out. As holidays tend to bring both excitement and stress more than any other time of the year, we need to remember to head to our mat to realign our thoughts, set forth our visions for the year, and become clear about what (and sometimes “who”) is really important in life. Check out some of our favorite women who are going BEYOND their own physical challenges and life’s limitations to serve as an inspiration for us all.


Why we love her: From Clueless to Clued-In, actress Alicia Silverstone has established herself as a foremost authority in the natural health, beauty, and parenting world. Her site, “The Kind Life” along with her latest books, “The Kind Mama” and “The Kind Diet” showcase tips and incredible resources to help make every aspect of your life as kind as possible. A major proponent for animal rescue and animal rights, check out her “Animal Love” posts to give you the warm and fuzzies while you scope out top tips to keep your human soul singing.


Glamour Magazine’s, “Woman of the year,” Sylvia Earle talks some serious trash when it comes to nature’s most precious resource, our oceans. For 40 years, she has pioneered ocean exploration and succeeds in a area that most people would consider to be a “mans job”. Sylvia Earle is a person that proves you can do anything if you put your mind and heart into it. Check out her astonishing TED talk here.


BEYOND YOGA is a brand born out of the culture of Los Angeles and female surfer Linda Benson represents California cool to the fullest. Described by ironman surfer Mike Doyle as, “The hot-dogger of the women” Linda Benson was the first woman to ride the big surf at Waimea Bay in Hawaii. Competing in a male dominated sport and showing those boys who’s boss, now that’s going BEYOND.


As a woman today, one of the toughest issues we face may be what we look like. It’s our mission at BEYOND YOGA to empower women of all sizes and shapes with the confidence they need to get through their days on and off the mat. Now one of our favorite yoga teachers and founder of OM yoga, Cyndi Lee has released a new book that tackles self-acceptance and body image called, “May I Be Happy.” Cyndi is a woman who has definitely lived a full life (from backup singer for Cyndi Lauper to choreographer of Rick James music videos) and we are inspired by her message for woman. She teaches that in order to be loving and compassionate to others, you have to be that way with yourself. We’ve got this ladies!