Inspired: Xmas Tree Decor


Damien Hirst Xmas Tree
Chanel Xmas Tree
Yogi Xmas Tree
Alexander McQueen Xmas Tree
LGBT Xmas Tree
[endimages]One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is finding new, creative ways to decorate my home. From the mantle to the dining table, the possibilities are endless. This year, I had extra fun trimming my Christmas tree by pulling from things that truly inspire me. Here are a few of my personalized Christmas tree trimming ideas.


Art lovers will swoon over this Damien Hirst-inspired Christmas tree concept! It’s innovative, chic and simple to make. Start with an all white Christmas tree to serve as your canvas. Then, decorate with bright, colorful ball ornaments to mimic Hirst’s infamous spot paintings.


For a chic, fashion-inspired tree, think Chanel. To start, you will need an all black Christmas tree. Add custom Chanel ornaments or make your own by decaling white ornaments yourself with the iconic Chanel logo. String red Chanel ribbon for a pop of color or keep it simple with white and black ribbon. Lastly, you will need many strings of pearls to complete the look – or use pearl string lights for a luminous affect!


Bring some zen into your holiday with a yoga-inspired Christmas tree! A traditional earthy green tree works great for this look. Adorn it with strings of mala beads and a variety of yogi ornaments, including Buddha, Ganesh and OM. Top it off with hanging crystals for good energy.


Home design enthusiasts will love this tree idea inspired by the Alexander McQueen hummingbird rug. First, grab an ivory or muted white Christmas tree. Then, adorn it with adorable feathered hummingbird ornaments – buy them or make them yourself!


Why not show your support for the LGBT community with a bright, rainbow-colored Christmas tree this year? This statement piece needs no ornaments because it’s perfect just as it is!