Live Your Best Week

Commit to wearing no make-up today. You are beautiful with the face you were born with.

TELL A FRIEND TUESDAY: Tell someone you love them. Give a friend a compliment.

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Commit to some form of exercise today – a class, a video or maybe a walk around the block.

THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY: Go online and find an inspiring quote. Spend some time thinking about it and how you can incorporate it into your life! Share it with a friend or loved one.

FIND A FRIEND FRIDAY: Find a friend who might need to hear from you or might be in need of a pick me up and do something nice for them. It can be a phone call, a play date or a hike.

SEXY SATURDAY: Find something in your closet you feel sexy in and wear it with pride! Feeling good is infectious!

SIT BACK & RELAX SUNDAY: Give yourself the day off – really – lie in bed and watch TV, read or take a walk on the beach. You deserve it!

As silly as these things may sound, if you do them enough you will start to feel different and see a difference in yourself and how those around you respond to you. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself – it can’t hurt!

food for thought,