Mind the Technology Trap

STOP! Put down that phone! Don’t fall into that technology trap. You know the one. Information is moving at the speed of light, coming to you at every second on every device, rudely beeping and dinging at you with the expectation to respond immediately.

With every notification comes the underlying message to keep up, keep moving, or get out of the way. And so, you respond to emails right away. You post your breakfast meal on your favorite social media sites. You overshare. It’s incessant. And it has to stop.

The next time you find yourself in the throes of a technological onslaught (and I’m willing to bet that you’re in the middle of one now), I beg you to STOP. Stop what you’re doing. Put down your device(s). Back away from your phones and tablets.

You won’t miss anything important. In fact, by not putting down your electronics, you are actually missing something extremely important: your life.

You effectively take a “time out” from your life every time you hashtag this, post that, and “like” something else. This socially connected life has encompassed us like a plague that has taken us further and further away from our lives with every touch of a touch screen. And you can’t get those moments back. Not a single second of them.

I’m not suggesting that you stay away from technology altogether. And I would be a hypocrite if I said I too didn’t get caught up in technology fever. But our seemingly incessant need to document and share every detail of our lives, and to respond to people right away, seems to be running the show. We need to stop this insanity. We need to stop giving our power away to our smart phones and other smart devices.

Be selective about what you post to social media. Don’t respond to that email right away, especially if you’re already with someone else who wants your attention. Take a breath. Your notifications can wait. Stay connected. Stay present.

Because every time you answer a notification, you are casting a vote. You are telling yourself and those around you that the people on the other end of your device are more important than the person or people standing right in front of you. You are telling yourself that your device has more power than you do.

Make no mistake about it: we only have today. So recapture your power, stay in charge of your life, and mind that technology trap.