Mommy and Us

For many families, go-to Mother’s Day activities include things like a massage or facial, or perhaps time to go to a yoga class with a friend while dad hangs with the kids. You know – something mom can do on her own.

Self-care and alone time are so important for a mom, but we also love the idea of spending Mother’s Day with the people who made you a mother. If you’d like to opt for the latter option, here are five meaningful ways to spend Mother’s Day as a family:

1. Plant a garden together

What a perfect way to spend a spring Mother’s Day! Take a family trip to your local nursery and pick out some plants together. Then, decide on a place in your yard (or in clay pots) to plant your garden together. It doesn’t get much more symbolic than planting flowers or vegetables as a family, then nurturing them together as they grow.

2. Have a themed picnic

You may not have time to travel to a far away destination for Mother’s Day weekend, but you can bring a destination to you instead! For example, pack a Parisian meal, complete with baguettes, cheese, and macaroons for dessert. (Bonus points if you incorporate French words during the meal!) Maybe even read a little bit about the country you choose to represent at your lunch, and get out a map to talk about where in the world it’s located.

3. Give your time

The heart of being a mom is giving and nurturing others, which makes Mother’s Day a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids the importance of selflessness. Choose an organization that resonates with your family (an animal shelter, perhaps, if you’re dedicated dog people) and volunteer your time together on Mother’s Day.

4. Host a family lip-syncing contest

This is a great option for the music-loving moms out there! Everyone in the family can put their spin on this activity based on the song they choose. Let everyone pick their favorite artist or song, and get to performing! Make it a game, if you like, by scoring each other based on how well you channel the original performer.

5. Let mom share a childhood favorite

Today is all about you, mom. What did you love reading or watching when you were young? Consider sharing one or more of those with your family to enjoy together on your special day.