No Ordinary Valentine

We’re all familiar with the conventional Valentine’s Day celebration, right? You know, the whole chocolates, red roses, and jewelry as a gift scenario, coupled with a romantic dinner at an in-demand restaurant in town, where you pay triple the price for a prix fixe menu just because it’s Valentine’s Day and restaurants can do that. Oh, and chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne afterward, of course.

If that approach just isn’t your style as a couple, don’t write off the holiday altogether! Instead, create some of your own activities to mark the occasion that feel more like you. Who said you had to go the conventional route, after all?

We’ve rounded up five nontraditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hopefully these will spark some inspiration for you:

1. Be tourists in your own town

You know that art museum in town that you keep meaning to go to but never have, or the landmark you have yet to take a photo in front of? Do those things this Valentine’s Day! (Bonus points if you buy a souvenir or two…)

2. Take a mini staycation

Get cozy at home, and enjoy being together there. Sleep late, enjoy breakfast in bed, play games, binge watch a slow on Netflix, prepare a meal together — whatever you two like to do together when it’s just the two of you.

3. Volunteer together to share the love

Coordinate a volunteer session at a local women’s shelter or bring some baked goods to a nursing home. (You can have a pre-volunteer date baking said treats together, too.) Spreading love to others together will help you feel extra close to your significant other.

4. Pick your own Valentine’s Day

Who says you have to celebrate on February 14? If you and your honey are dying to try a new restaurant in town, consider making a reservation for another night in mid-February to avoid the crowded, over-priced craziness that is dinner out on Valentine’s Day.

5. Go to a drive-in movie

Swing through a favorite drive-thru or pack a picnic you can enjoy in the car for a memorable, non-traditional evening.

6. Coordinate a group date night

Schedule time with some friends for a date night in. Maybe the guys can be in charge of the entertainment (games, movie, etc.) and the girls can handle the meal. Host it at one of the couple’s homes to avoid the crowds on the 14th.

photo credit: Toa Heftiba