On-the-Go Hairstyles

A few years ago, I realized that washing my hair every day was actually doing more damage then good so I slowly cut back on my shampoos. And now, since being at home with my baby, I actually cut back to only washing my hair once a week – life changing!

I noticed my hair and scalp are less oily and much easier to manage. Not to mention, how much time is saved not shampooing, conditioning and drying hair in the morning! The only problem with this new routine is that by day 4 or 5 my hair does not look as good down as it did on day 1. So, I started experimenting with some new in-between hairstyles.

Here are some of my favorites hairstyles that are easy to incorporate into your daily hair routine. My goal is to do a different one every day – stay tuned on instagram!

PS. If you are going a few days between shampoos, get your hands on a good dry shampoo (my favorite is by Klorane) as well as a comb for back combing. And, if all else fails, a hat is your best friend.

1. Braids

2. Top Knot

2. Low Bun

3. Half Bun

5. The Pony