Q&A: Lacey Shelton

Lacey Calvert Shelton is an international yoga instructor and momma-to-be from San Clemente, California. She manages and teaches in multiple CorePower Yoga studios and travels with athletes, implementing yoga into their training routines. We sat down with Lacey to talk about her practice, her outlook on female body image and her firsthand experience with pregnancy.

What is your favorite part about being a yoga teacher?

I know that I was born to be a yoga teacher. I used to be an elementary school teacher, and something didn’t feel right. My first class teaching yoga felt so inspiring – I knew it was a perfect match! I love allowing my students to get that physical benefit of a mentally-altering class.

Favorite yoga pose?

I love any sort of inversion! Being someone who has been into action sports my whole life, I will always love being upside down. I even have the word “breathe” tattooed upside down due to how much time I spend on my hands!

If you had to sum up your practice in a word, what would it be?

Off of my mat. Okay, I know that isn’t one word, but I couldn’t just find one! My yoga started on my yoga mat as a physical practice, yet lately my practice has moved to experiences in my job, relationships, etc. Who knew that santosha, ahimsa, etc. could relate so much to everyday life? I am so thankful for what my yoga practice has given me.

What other exercises besides yoga do you love?

I surprisingly don’t do yoga in a studio everyday. Yoga is my love, but I also enjoy mixing up my exercise routine as much as possible. Since I am an outdoor person, I love SUPing, surfing, snowboarding, hiking and swimming. I will always try something new, and practicing yoga on the beach is my all-time favorite activity – I try to do every day.

Name three things you love about the way you look.

My smile. My strength. The wrinkles around my eyes.

Name three things you love about yourself that have nothing to do with looks.
My sense of adventure. The fact that I have never had a bad day. The passion I have for life and the people within my life.

Who inspires you?
I work with some incredibly inspiring women at CorePower Yoga. These women are true yogis, moms and smart business women. I am inspired by anyone who can gracefully balance everything that life throws their way.

As a momma-to-be, what are you most excited about?
EVERYTHING! I can’t wait for baby snuggles and watching my baby girl experience how cool the world is. I feel as if my husband and I have both lived amazing lives apart, experienced some cool adventures together, and are now ready to show our baby the awesome things that nature can bring us. Not to mention, some cute outfits to go with it!

What are you most nervous about?

I think the fact that someone is trusting me to raise a child. I still feel about 20 years old, and can’t imagine having to mold the mind of a new generation. I am still growing up myself, so I’m interested to see how raising a child during that will go.

Has your practice changed or evolved since you became pregnant?

100%! I still exercise every day, but I am realizing how difficult little things become once your belly starts to grow. Even a forward fold is getting challenging, but I am loving prenatal yoga and swimming. I also bring my husband to prenatal and he loves how it’s challenging but also really relaxing. I am no longer practicing for myself, but for the birth of my baby girl.

Best yoga pose for pregnant ladies, in your opinion?
Warrior II! I have always done this posture a few times a day, but becoming pregnant has transformed this posture in a whole different way. It opens your hips, strengthens your quadriceps, and allows you a sense of focus for a few breaths. Even though I would rather be laying down in savasana, this posture allows for challenge and strength which our growing bodies need.

Any advice for other expectant mothers?
Something that I learned early on (that was actually hard to learn) was that you are no longer exercising or eating for yourself. My eating habits changed from trying to maintain weight prior to my baby, to constantly snacking to keep my body fueled. I learned to appreciate resting and relaxing… and I have found a thing called Netflix! I am thankful for this resting time in my body, as I wouldn’t have listen to it without the arrival of my baby bump.

What is more important to you today than it was 10 years ago?
Wow, there are so many things! 10 years ago, I was only 18 years old. I used to be focused on myself and the needs of my own career, health and personal aspects. Once I got married, I knew that my focus was more about us, and not just me. Then, becoming pregnant, most of my decisions are based upon my family. I love that my family is growing and that I have higher purpose in my life than just myself. I can see what my true purpose in life is, and can’t stop chasing the dream… since I am living my dream.

What is your must-have from Beyond Yoga?
I absolutely LIVE in my Beyond Yoga leggings. I did wear my leggings a lot, but since becoming pregnant, I have worn them every day. They are so comfortable, soft and move to the needs of my growing body. And, I am so thankful that the maternity line Beyond the Bump allows me to wear yoga pants throughout each trimester.

Complete the sentence with a word or phrase: i am BEYOND…
…ready for life.