Ready, Set, Sweat

Today I am talking about one of my favorite things: cardio workouts! Many people do cardio fitness to shed some extra pounds, but there is so much more depth to all that huffing and puffing. The cardiovascular system works it synchronicity magic 24/7 by supplying air to your heart, lungs and other vital organs. Cardiovascular exercise requires putting at least half of your body percentage to work and increasing your heart rate. Quite simply: use more oxygen, and you will reap more benefits.

Below are 5 important benefits of adding cardio exercise to your routine:

1. Heart Love

Cardio exercise improves your heart function. Basically, your stamina and endurance improve due to increased functionality of your heart strength. A happy, healthy heart beats calm when you are at rest, which lessens the risk of heart disease.

2. Catch More Z’s

Sleep is a game changer on many levels. Uninterrupted snooze is even more glorious. Recovery and rest help restore our bodies cells after workouts and long workdays. Applying cardio exercise to your daily routine could eliminate sleep disruption. Listen up insomniacs because this means an even deeper sleep. Tucker yourself out a little more by amping up your aerobic fitness.

3. Glow Baby Glow

There is an upside to raising our body temp, spiking our heart rate and seeing that puddle of sweat surrounding our workout station. Your skin is indeed the largest organ in your body and when you open the pores that contain toxins, you initiate cleansing. It’s like the steam before a facial. But, before to rinse off after a sweat sesh so your skin is left fresh and free of the impurities you just worked so hard to purge. Wear that bright shining glow on your skin proud because you earned it.

4. Natural High

Exercise helps fight depression and relieves stress. Intentionally putting our mind at ease is easier said than done, but 30 minutes of cardio is all you need to release the serotonin that is already in your body. Working out also helps improve the production of dopamine. All these chemicals are at our disposal just waiting inside to be let out, to spread joy and happiness throughout our system and into the world.

5. Sore No More

Working out when you’re sore is the pits… or is it? The fitness expert version of your body producing and using lactic acid (muscle fatigue) and how this pertains to soreness may bore you to death. The short story is: the more efficient your body is at converting fuel and maximizing energy, the happier it is to perform for you when you are at rest and recovering. A daily cardio routine can reduce the onset of lactic acid, which means that the achy muscles and joints brought on by weight lifting or another resistance exercises will not be so unbearable when you are on to your next cardio fitness class.